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Dale is an enemy that appears in Kirby Air Ride.

Physical Appearance

Dale has dark teal skin, a short, pointy tail, and small golden feet. Dale's top section features a glowing spherical membrane which constantly radiates light. The section of Dale's back behind this membrane is a lighter teal than the rest of this enemy, and features gold stripes. The enemy has large, piercing gold eyes on its sides.


Kirby Air Ride

Dale makes his only appearance in a Kirby game in this title. Dales are strange, bioluminescent creatures that are often found in poorly lit areas. They come in different sizes, and are often spotted in small groups (similar to the rest of the enemies in the game). Despite being enemies, Dales often aid the player by lighting up dim areas of the racecourses. However, their (often) large bodies make them potential roadblocks. After being destroyed, glowing orbs of light rise to the sky and take the Dale's place by continuing to light the area. Dale grants no Copy Ability when inhaled.

Other Games

Although Dale only physically appears in Kirby Air Ride, Paint Roller draws a picture of one in his sub-game, Paint Panic, in Kirby: Canvas Curse.

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