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KSqSq DarkDaroach
Kirby: Squeak Squad artwork
Dark Daroach
Name (JP) ダークドロッチェ (Dākudorocche)
In Games
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Dark Daroach is a possessed and more powerful form of Daroach. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the Squeaks opened a chest that held Dark Nebula. Dark Nebula promptly possessed Daroach, infecting him and turning him dark purple, and forced Daroach to lead the Squeaks deep into Gamble Galaxy. He is fought as the penutimate boss of the game in Gamble Galaxy, and in the fight all of his attacks are upgraded versions of his attacks he used in the first battle. Some of these upgrades include:

  • His ice wand attack now shoots a larger, more powerful laser at Kirby.
  • There is no ice on the ground, so Kirby cannot use the upgraded Tornado or Wheel abilities; however, this also means that Kirby no longer slides around on the ground.
  • Daroach's bomb attack now causes a larger explosion and sends a large pillar of fire into the air. The bombs are now larger and red, cannot be destroyed using a Copy Ability, and must be Super Inhaled as well.
  • Daroach teleports considerably more often.
  • Finally, Daroach will use his Triple Star attack twice in a row. It now does more damage, and the stars stay on screen slightly longer as well.

After his defeat, Dark Nebula comes out of Daroach's body as a dark star and flees. Kirby must grab the Triple Star that Daroach drops to continue, but it is not mandatory to use it as the player can use Ability Bubbles to replace it. In fact, if the player wants to use the copy ability he/she had before (if he/she had one), he/she can do this:
Kirby can discard his Copy Ability, inhale the ability star (without swallowing), and touch the Triple Star. When the player presses the down button upon entering the next area, he/she re-gains the Copy Ability he/she had before.




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