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KMA Dart Soarar sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Dart Soarar
Name (JP) モノソアラ(Mono-soarar)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Points Given100
CategoryRegular enemy

Dart Soarar is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a variant of Soarar.

Physical Appearance

Dart Soarar looks like a regular Soarar, except it is dark gray instead of yellow.


Kirby Mass Attack

Dart Soarar appears exclusively in Stage 7 of Green Grounds and Stage 4 of Dedede Resort. It does not carry fruit or medals like regular Soarars. It flies over the Kirbys, performs a half-somersault, then rushes straight down. Any heroes that are hit by this attack take damage. Like its counterpart, Dart Soarar is defeated if the player flicks a Kirby at it.

In Stage 4 of Dedede Resort, Soarars carry cards depicting Dart Soarars. If the Kirbys grab one, they are immediately ambushed by flocks of the enemy.