Episode(#J73 / #E73)
Dedede's Raw Deal
Dedede's Raw Deal
Name (JP) まわれ回転寿司
- Meaning Turning! Revolving Sushi
Air Date (NA)September 25, 2004
Air Date (JP)March 8, 2003
Copy AbilitySpark
Demon BeastSquishy

Dedede's Raw Deal is the seventy-third episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is notable for the first appearance of the Spark ability.


Dedede builds a revolving sushi Bar, but finds himself under a large fine.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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The episode opens with King Dedede storming into his castle stating that he's going to put his foot down, followed by Escargoon telling him not to step in anything if he gets his drift. Dedede is upset about how Nightmare Enterprises' monsters have failed him and tells Escargoon that they're not going to con him anymore. They call him and see him eating. Customer Service tells Dedede that it's his lunch hour, but Dedede tells him that he wants a refund for all the monsters. Customer Service then offers Dedede some sushi. Escargoon tells him that he'd have to do better than that and Dedede asks Customer Service who'd eat a mess of raw fish. Flabbergasted, Customer asks Dedede if he's joking and that sushi is a delicacy. Dedede becomes shocked and starts to sweat. After some contemplation, he tells Customer Service that he knew that and that he was only horsing around with him. Customer Service continues to eat sushi and tells Dedede that the restaurant is close to work and that revolving sushi is very popular and is all the rage. Escargoon and Dedede look at each other in astonishment. Customer Service tells them that too bad there isn't a sushi bar near them, but that Dream Land is in the boondocks. He proceeds to eat another plate of sushi and tells them that the food moves on a conveyor-belt and that anyone can take what they want and that a revolving sushi bar is a flavorful feast for the fish lover. Dedede then jumps out of chair and tells Customer Service that he wants a revolving sushi bar. Customer Service warns Dedede t hat the equipment is high-tech and costs a fortune. Dedede doesn't care and demands NME to send him one.

At Kawasaki's restaurant, Dedede and Escargoon eat some rice and fish. Dedede doesn't find it appetizing, but Escargoon tells him that if he eats it fast, he won't notice. Dedede finishes and burps while Escargoon calls it revolting. Kawasaki, embarrassed, tells them that he's glad they enjoyed it. Kawasaki then asks Dedede for some financial help. The king asks Kawasaki if he wants a loan. Escargoon tells his majesty that that's a riskier proposition than eating Kawasaki's food. Kawasaki tells the king that with a little money, he can make the restaurant bigger. Escargoon jumps out of his seat and tells the chef that the restaurant is empty. Dedede tells Kawasaki that not even a bonehead would lend Kawasaki money, but will help him out anyway. Kawasaki then asks Dedede if he really means it. Tiff suddenly comes through the doors, telling Kawasaki not to trust Dedede because he has something up his sleeve. Escargoon scolds Tuff for questioning the king's integrity and that Dedede is as honest as the day is dark. Dedede laughs and tells the children that he's going to lend Kawasaki the money to make the restaurant come alive.

On Channel DDD, Escargoon is standing in front of a screen showing the Cappies lining up outside of Kawasaki's to order some food from DDD's Revolving Sushi Bar and also to advertise it. Escargoon goes inside Kawasaki's and Waddle Doo is at the cash register taking orders. Kawasaki opens the sushi bar and Escargoon asks some of the customers for their worthless opinions. Mayor Len Blustergas says that it is different and Chief Bookem tells Escargoon that he hopes the food is good. Dedede then says to make some sushi. A huge bucket of rice on conveyor-wheels comes in and Kawasaki asks what it is. The robot brings out its four appendages and


Kawasaki and the sushi bot.

starts creating rice beds. The mayor and chief are shocked and Escargoon tells them that it's a sushi bot and it prepares the rice bed, where Kawasaki will place the raw fish on top of. Kawasaki is angered by this and turns off the conveyor-belt. He says that sushi making has a long and proud history and is considered an art. Kawasaki says that anyone who uses a robot is just selling for profit. Tiff admires Kawsaki's opposition. However, Kawasaki places two pieces of raw fish on the rice bed and says to get the sushi rolling. He then presses the button to restart the robot and Tiff and Tuff are so surprised that they fall off their chairs. Kirby is only happy that he gets to have some food.

Kawasaki and the sushi bot start making different kinds of sushi and Escargoon tells the Cappies that there are plenty to choose from. Everyone is surprised at the appearance of the cuisine. Kirby smells the sushi and is delighted by its aroma. Dedede tells the Cappies that if something catches their eyes, they can help themselves. All the Cappies pick a plate up. Even Tiff and Tuff pick up a plate of sushi. Kirby tries to grab one, but Gus takes it first, telling Kirby that when there is something he likes, he has to take it really fast. Suddenly, chaos breaks out. Prof. Curio and Gengu start to fight over a plate of sushi. Melman tastes a piece of sushi and he doesn't like it. He puts the sushi back on the plate and back on the conveyor-belt, which disgusts Tuggle. The mayor and Mabel can't seem to make up their minds either. Dedede tells them that if they don't see what they want, tell the chef. Len and Bookem ask for more tuna while Melman asks for eel. Gengu asks for salmon, Tuggle asks for shrimp, and Mabel asks for something spicy. A Cappy asks for some mackrel and Curio asks for more sea trout. Dedede tells the Cappies that they determine how much is owed by the number of plates. Curio states this to be very logical while Yabui agrees. Dedede tells the mayor to eat more because they have enough to feed a whale. Gus and Mabel start fighting over a plate and Gengu happily enjoys his sushi. Kirby eats some of Gengu's sushi without him noticing and walks away. Samo offers Mabel some sushi, but she doesn't want it. Samo puts it down, stating he'll eat it himself. Unfortunately, Kirby eats the sushi, which surprises Samo when he looks at the empty plate. While Gus chooses more plates of sushi, Kirby also sucks up his plates of fish. Kirby walks back to his seat, where Tiff hands him a plate of sushi, delighting him.

Bookem asks for some some flounder while the mayor asks for some mockey. Kawasaki prepares the fish and Curio asks for some more sea trout. Escargoon tells Tiff hat she has quite a stack of plates for someone that doesn't like the idea. Tiff tells him she has no comment and Tuff tells him to go away. Escargoon snickers as he walks away and says that everyone is piling and points to Melman who is "stuffing his mailbag". At the castle, Sir Ebrum, Lady Like, and Lololo & Lalala watch a commercial for the restaurant. Sir Ebrum wants to go, but Lady Like tells him that they don't have a reservation. Sword and Blade like the appearnce of the sushi and ask Meta Knight if they can take a lunch-break. Meta Knight tells them that there is something fishy about that sushi. Iroo throws a tantrum in front of his parents because he wants to go to the sushi bar. His dad tells him that they're not going and that he doesn't even like fish. Iroo continues to whine and demands sushi. Back at the restaurant, nobody has moved, and the Cappies outside want to come in and eat. Everyone groans as they feel awful after eating so much fish. Some Waddle Dee carry the plates to the register, where Waddle Doo charges the Cappies per plate. Escargoon then tells the camera that this concludes his special report on the sushi bar and to tune in tomorrow. Tiff then tells him that it was a commercial, but burps in his face, grossing him out. At the end of the day, Dedede and Escargoon count their earnings. Dedede counts 7,000 D-bills and hasn't even counted the change. Kawsaki is excited because he thinks he's going to be rich. Dedede hands the chef 3 pennies and tells him that's what he earns. Kawasaki is disappointed with the pay, but Escargoon tells him to sace up and he'll be worth 100 some day. Kawasaki asks for more, but Dedede tells him he'll earn a small raise when the investment is paid off in the next 10–20 years! Escargoon tells the chef that he'll continue earning his chump change and the two drive off. Kawsaki then vows that he'll continue working until the sushi bar is his. Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby were watching and feel sympathy for Kawasaki.

The next day, Kawasaki and the sushi bot begin making sushi. Iroo and his father are one of the few customers. Iroo can't make up his mind on what to get. Spikehead's and Honey's moms tell them that they could only get one plate today because they have no money. Kawasaki begs the Cappies to get sushi because he can't keep it on the belt all day. Dedede suddenly stops by and asks where all the customers are. Kawasaki tells them that there haven't been many customers today and that the ones who come don't order very much. Escargoon tells Kawasaki that they spent a fortune on this place and Dedede threatens the chef. Kaasaki then asks if the sushi was deep fried, then maybe more customers would come. Tiff tells the chef that his food is not the problem, and Tuff tells him that it was the prices, not the quality of the food. Escargoon argues with the children, but Kawasaki questions this thought. Tuff tells Kawasaki that they're never coming back to eat here unless their prices are dropped. Kirby tries to go inside, but Tiff and Tuff drag him, stating that he ate enough fish to fill up an ocean. Dedede is angered and states that he'll never earn back the fortune he spent on the sushi bar. Dedede then has an idea, exclaiming that if the Cappies don't come to the restaurant to eat the sushi, then the sushi will come to them.

Mabel wakes up from her seat and takes a seat at her table. Suddenly, a huge conveyor-belt plows through the room and exits it. It then goes through Tuggle's store, Curio's museum, Samo's bar, and Gengu's store. It continues its path and plows through the library, Iroo's house, and the mayor's house. The conveyor-belt goes up the hill, plows through Kirby's house, and exits it. Tokkori and Kirby leave their house to see what the thing was. The mechanism goes back to Kawasaki's restaurant where it connects with the end, forming a giant conveyor-belt that goes through town. Dedede then annonces to the town that the only thing that the citizens are allowed to eat is revolving sushi, which horrifies Tiff's family. Escargoon claims it to be a revolution in food consumption. Dedede then explains that they don't have to cook anymore because all the food they need comes through the coveyor belt and into their homes. Dedede then warns them that if they eat anything else but sushi, he'll throw them into the dungeon where the food there is no better than the seafood being served. Tiff yells and claims this to be unfair. Dedede turns on the sushi bot and starts making sushi while Kawasaki puts the fish on top of it. He tells Escargoon that all the sushi is going to make his bank account fat and starts to laugh mockingly. The sushi goes through Mabel's, who claims she's sick of sushi. Everyone passes the plates of sushi, except Iroo, whom is mesmerized by all the varieties. By the time it reaches the mayor's and Kirby's house, it is already full of flies and insects and is starting to rot. Kirby doesn't mind though and picks up every plate and eats it. Tokkori asks the hero if he has any taste buds, but Kirby just keeps on eating.

Unfortunately, Kawasaki runs out of food, so he has to improvise with "new creations". Escargoon asks Kawasaki about some of the creations. Kawasaki shows Escargoon some unappetizing chocolate cream sushi, marshmallow blueberry sushi, and hot dog sushi. Kawasaki's favorite is the snail sushi, which Escargoon calls sickening. He also shows liver and kiwi and peanut-butter with hot pepper banana. Escargoon tells the citizens that these delicacies will be coming to them real soon. A commercial then appears. Tiff and Tuff stand outside Kawasaki's restaurant ot eavesdrop on Dedede and Escargoon. Dedede asks the chef if he made the special sushi, and Kawasaki said he made the special baked-potato one. Escargoon laughs, claiming that no one but a starch demon will eat the sushi. Dedede tells the two that it's for Kirby and that the potato is a tater trap; it will give the consumer non-stop hicccups. Escargoon asks how hiccuping is going to stop Kirby. Dedede tells him that Kirby will not be able to suck up anything and that's when he'll send the monster. Tiff and Tuff run around town, asking the locals if they've seen a potato. At Kirby's house, Tokkori tells Kirby to stop eating or else he'll be the biggest thing in Cappy Town. Tokkori notices the potato sushi and is dumbfounded because he has never seen a potato sushi. Kirby eats the potato sushi nonetheless. Kirby then feels bad and misses a plate of sushi. Tokkori asks Kirby if something's wrong. Kirby shakes in disagreement, but Tokkori asks Kirby why he isn't eating the sushi anymore. Kirby then hiccups, which causes the bird to laugh, claiming that the sushi is backfiring on Kirby. Tiff and Tuff barge in, asking Tokkori if Kirby ate the potato sushi. Tokkori tells them that the tater is history and Tuff and Tiff become shocked. Suddenly, Tokkori notices the last plate of sushi. However, this sushi is different from all the others as it has a small, white squid on top of it. Kirby saves the plate and is about to eat it, but he hiccups on the squid. The squid starts to flash in several colors and grows bigger while doing so. Everyone runs out of the house. The monster then reveals itself to be a giant white squid with menacing yellow eyes named Squishy.

The giant squid knocks Kirby right into the king's limousine. Dedede laughs and says that the monster will clobber Kirby while Escargoon says that the monster is "well-armed". Kirby tries to suck up the monster, but he hiccups instead and gets another beating from the monster. Dedede and Escargoon laugh and Tiff and Tuff think of a way to get rid of the hiccups. Tokkori comes in and tells them that they have to scare the hiccups away. Tuff asks what is scarier than a monster, which horrifies Tiff, because she doesn't know. Squishy grabs Kirby and continuously slams him into the ground. He throws the Star Warrior in the air and smacks him. Tokkori leaves because he can't watch and Tiff demands Tuff to think of something. Dedede and Escargoon tell Squishy to use his electric powers. The cephlapod generates an intense ball of purple electricity in his tentacles and zaps Kirby with it, blackening him. Squishy then hits the hero with another ball of electricity. Dedede laughs, claiming that Kirby has been barbecued and Escargoon tells him that he deserves it because he's been burning them long enough. Tiff then suddenly thinks of an idea. She tells Kirby that if he doesn't get rid of the hiccups, he'll never be able to eat again! Kirby is terrified and jumps in the air, curing his hiccups and getting the burnt matter off of him. Kirby then tries to inhale the monster. Squishy generates another ball crackling with electricity and shoots it at Kirby, but he inhales it and turns into Spark Kirby, which Meta Knight tells Tiff and Tuff. Squishy throws Kirby another ball of electricity, but Kirby counteracts this with an electrical blast of his own. Kirby's electricity shatters the electrical ball of Squishy and hits the monster. Kirby continue throwing electricity at the monster. Squishy spreads his arms and tries to fly away in a helicopter-like fashion, but Kirby hurls another ball of electricity at Squishy while he's flying. The monster brilliantly explodes, sending out purple electrical currents. Remains of the squid fall from the sky and Kawasaki joyously runs towards the remains. He picks up a piece of the squid and tells the king that it's raining calamari. Dedede says he's bankrupt and all he has is a lifetime supply of squid and Escargoon asks what they're going to do because they're broke. Kawasaki then suggests that they use the squid to make sushi. Escargoon and Dedede begin to bawl. The episode ends with Tuff saying that Kirby loves squid sushi; Kirby then eats some pieces of calamari.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • At the start of the episode, Customer Service eats some Sushi, but the hiragana is blurred out in the scene.
  • The Scene when the conveyor belt plows into Chef Bookem's house was removed from the English dub.
  • King Dedede's sushi restaurant name on the sign in front of Chef Kawasaki's restaurant were different in both dubs. In the Japanese dub, the sign says "DDD revolving sushi bar". In the English dub, the sign still had the word "DDD" on it but the other words on it were airbrushed out and replaced with a picture of sushi.
  • Several scenes where they show different kinds of sushi was shortened in the English dub due to time restraints.
  • Scenes where Mrs.Bookem is choosing what sushi she should choose and getting a cup of water was removed from the English dub due to time restraints.
  • The scene where Iroo's dad slaps Iroo's hand and yells at him was removed from the English dub due to time restraints.
  • The words on the banners in front of chef Kawasaki's restaurant were airbrushed out.
  • The bottle and the cup that were on Mabel's desk shows the color brown on them. The colors were changed from brown to red to prevent alcohol references.
  • The scene where Mabel turns around to see the conveyor belt was removed from the English dub for unknown reasons.


  • It should be noted that Squishy doesn't give any ability in the games, but oddly gives the Spark ability in the episode.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of the Mint Leaf in the anime, in its original form as a sweet potato.
  • Remixes of the Gourmet Race and Invincibility Candy themes can be heard while the sushi bar is revolving.

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