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Episode(#J20 / #E18)
Dedede's Snow Job
Name (JP) さよなら、雪だるまチリー
- Meaning Goodbye, Snowman Chilly
Air Date (NA)November 9, 2002
Air Date (JP)February 16, 2002
Copy AbilityIce
Demon BeastIce Dragon

Dedede's Snow Job is the 18th (20th in Japan) episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is notable for having the first appearance of Ice Kirby and well-known enemies Chilly and Ice Dragon. It is also one of the episodes, along with "Kirby's Pet Peeve" to have a sad ending, where a protagonist dies.


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 Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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End of spoilers


Changes in the dub

  • The scene where it shows the Cappies looking at the snow covered village is shortened in the dub.


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