Episode(#J20 / #E18)
Dedede's Snow Job
Name (JP) さよなら、雪だるまチリー
- Meaning Goodbye, Snowman Chilly
Air Date (NA)November 9, 2002
Air Date (JP)February 16, 2002
Copy AbilityIce
Demon BeastIce Dragon

Dedede's Snow Job is the 20th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is notable for having the first appearance of Ice Kirby and well-known enemies Chilly and Ice Dragon. It is also one of the episodes, along with "Kirby's Pet Peeve" to have a sad ending, where a protagonist dies.


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King Dedede decides it's too hot and enlists the help of a monster to cool things down a bit. Unfortunatley, Ice Dragon instantly plunges Dream Land into the deepest winter - and then Chilly emerges from the snow! Can Kirby fight off two monsters at once?

 Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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The episode starts off with Tiff picking up a rock while Lololo & Lalala, and Honey build a sand castle as Tuff, Iro, Spikehead, and Kirby swim down at the beach. Meanwhile, King Dedede and Escargoon are struggling to beat the heat when the king decides that he has had enough of the heat and orders a monster that'll cool down Cappy Town. Nightmare Enterprises sends down a baby ice dragon that escapes King Dedede's castle and runs off into the woods.

Professor Curio and Chief Bookem are then seen sitting on a bench sweating under the hot sun when the sky suddenly begins to block out the sun and the air lets out a breeze, cooling the town in a matter of seconds. Mayor Len Blustergas and his wife are surprised to see the tree's leaves changing color then falling onto the floor, as it appears they 've never seen it happen before. Clouds start forming and everyone in the water are forced out and onto the sand. Tiff assumes that with the sudden weather, it looked like it was about to rain, but instead, it was snowing, something nobody in Cappy Town (except for Meta Knight) ever saw before.

Later, inside Tiff's home, she inspects a snowflake with her microscope and deduces that the "solid raindrops" are snow(flakes). Meta Knight, as his castle, questions the existence of snow during Cappy Town's hot climate. When Tiff's family go outside, they see that the snowing has stopped and the landscape was covered in it. Everybody in Cappy Town is surprised to see such an unusual sight for their town.

Kirby, who was sleeping with Tokkori, was awaken by Tuff after being hit with a snowball and tells him to come out and play in the new snow. Somewhere in an open space, the Mayor tries to take a picture of his wife and some other Cappies when he was hit by Professor Curio riding a "new" device called a snowboard. He says that King Dedede is giving away free snowboards the top of a hill with a ski life built on top of it. At the top of the hill, Waddle Dees are seen handing Cappies snowboards while some Cappies sit aboard the ski lift. From a distance, King Dedede and Escargoon praise the ice dragon's work of the new weather. When Tiff arrives at the scene with her father, she is told by Iroo and Spikehead that King Dedede is giving away free snowboard and should hurry before they are all sold out before they run and play elsewhere. Tiff complains to her father that something doesn't feel right, but he enjoys the winter breeze refreshing and doesn't give the snow any thought.

Snowboarding down a hill, Tuff and Kirby seems to be enjoying the winter like everyone else also not giving the snow a second thought. When they stop in front of Tiff, Tuff says that King Dedede might not be that bad if he's letting everyone, including Kirby, have fun. He then asks Tiff to join them snowboard, but she responds with doubt about the snow, to which Tuff responds by saying she thinks too much and then snowboards away with Kirby. After watching the two boys ride off, she is then confronted by King Dedede and Escargoon after they come to an abrupt halt on their snowboards, picking up the snow and covering her during the process. They ask why she isn't playing in the snow and should stop thinking for a change. Tiff firmly indicts that they were behind the snow, but the King and Escargoon suggests that maybe they did. King Dedede then gives her his snowboard and rides away with Escargoon and his snowboard. Tiff gets angry when Meta Knight tells her to be patient. They both agree that King Dedede is behind the snow job.

Snowboarding down another mountain, Tuff follows Kirby as Kirby goes down an unexpected path. Kirby panics on his snowboard as they fly off a cliff and sends Kirby tumbling on the ground, turning him into a snowball when he hits a faceless snowman, stopping his momentum. Tuff runs up the big snowball and Kirby hatches from it. Tuff then asks what the snowman is when it turns around revealing its face saying its name, Chilly. Kirby instantly befriends it and they both run off the have some fun. Tiff sees Kirby and Chilly and asks Tuff and Kirby to introduce her to their new friend. Chilly says his name, scaring Tiff as Tiff immediately begins to question him, later coming to a quick conclusion that "anything is possible". The four then get ambushed by sudden snowballs when Iroo and Spikehead ask them to have a snowball fight with them. Everybody but Tiff participate in the fight.
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End of spoilers


Changes in the dub

  • The scene where it shows the Cappies looking at the snow covered village is shortened in the dub.


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