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Dedede Clone
Name (JP) クローンデデデ (Kurōndedede)
- Meaning "Clone Dedede"
In Games
Susie somehow managed to acquire DNA from King Dedede, one of the strongest life-forms on the planet, in order to create this clone. It has the voice and look of the original Dedede...and it may be even more powerful.
— VS Dedede Clone • Kirby: Planet Robobot

​Dedede Clone is the fifth boss in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It appears as the boss of Rhythm Route.

​Physical Appearance

The Dedede Clone resembles King Dedede, but its entire body is various shades of purple, including its blank eyes. The fur trim on its coat and the pom-pom on its hat have a spikier appearance. The peace symbol on the back of its coat has been replaced by the logo of the Haltmann Works Company.

Dedede Clone 2.0 has a creamy yellow-colored body instead of purple, except for its eyes, which are a deeper shade of violet.


Kirby: Planet Robobot

First Phase

The Dedede Clone fights more or less exactly like King Dedede himself. It can inhale, jump, fly, and swing its hammer. After it takes a certain amount of damage, the Dedede Clone explodes into three blobs of goo, which reforms into three smaller clones that attack simultaneously. Each clone will also explode after taking enough damage, leaving it out of the fight for a while as it regenerates; each successive regeneration leaves it smaller and less durable. Once the clones' shared health bar is depleted, the second phase of the battle begins.

Second Phase

At the top of the tower the battle takes place in, the three Dedede Clones (now smaller than Kirby himself) man a large machine known as the D3 Cannon that slides around the rooftop on a rail system. The machine has a wide array of functions, including rapid-fire energy turrets, a massive laser, and a flamethrower that can superheat parts of the ground for a while. It can also slide around the rails to dodge Kirby's attacks or to try and ram him.

When it is reduced to 50% vitality, it will move to the background and launch a gigantic time-bomb resembling Dedede's head into the center of the battlefield. Kirby has to continuously attack it to send it back at the Dedede Clones or it will explode, leaving a big patch of fire where it was.

When the cannon's health is depleted, it explodes, sending the Dedede Clones tumbling into the air. Each one explodes for the final time, leaving behind sparkles in the shape of a letter "D".

Meta Knightmare Returns

First Phase

Dedede Clone appears in its 2.0 form in Meta Knightmare Returns as the fifth boss of the game, it retains it's ability to inhale, jump, fly, and swing its hammer, but it gets two new set of moves, after jumping to the other side of the level, it can charge up and launch two sets of clear yellow colored energy balls that can home in on Meta Knight, it can also levitate in the air and from it's hammer, fire a barrage of small white colored energy balls that will hit the ground and will drag towards Meta Knight, after taking a certain amount of damage, it will split into three copys like before, their move sets are similar to their original versions, but they also get two new set of ability's, when they trip, they will attempt a second trip to try and hit Meta Knight, they can also slam their hammers in rapid succession from the right and left side of the screen and after that they will jump high and slam their hammers to the ground and cause three rows of yellow-es colored shock waves to harm Meta Knight.

Second Phase

At the top of the tower the battle takes place in, the three Dedede Clones 2.0 (now smaller than Meta Knight himself) man a large machine now known as the D3 Cannon 2.0 that slides around the rooftop on a rail system. The machine retains it's ability's like before, but this time it can fire it's pink-es orange-es colored energy laser two times in a row (while at the same time aiming it at Meta Knight), fire it's energy turrets from the left and right side of the tower, can launch four sets of flamethrowers that will super heat four parts of the area, making it more harder to hit the cannon and can fire it's energy laser at the side while aiming it at Meta Knight.

Once half of it's HP has been depleted, it will move to the background and fire its gigantic time bombs like before, only this time it will fire two of them, Meta Knight has to hit one of the bombs to defect it back at the cannon for heavy damage, after that it will go to the front of the area, launch a stream of flames all the while spinning around and heading towards Meta Knight, it will then go in the front and will launch four stream of flames like before and will go to the left side of the tower and firing a massive dark pink colored energy beam at Meta Knight, it can also increase it's size by going up a little, after words it will move to the background and fire three gigantic time bombs at Meta Knight, which can be defected to cause major damage, it can also fire it's energy turrets at both the sky and ground while running around the tower.

When the cannon 2.0's health is depleted, it explodes, sending the Dedede Clone 2.0s tumbling into the air. Each one explodes for the final time, leaving behind sparkles in the shape of a letter "D."

Related Quotes

Something was missing from Dedede's clone -- a weapon of immense power. When Susie realized this, she introduced the D3 Cannon, a tridimensional cannon controlled by three Dedede Clones.
— Vs. Dedede Clones and D3 • Kirby: Planet Robobot
It has the look and voice of King Dedede, but not his soul. Some things can't be cloned. Some of the trial models were only interested in food, some were fearful of a certain insect, and all were imperfect.
— Vs. Dedede Clone 2.0 • Kirby: Planet Robobot
This tridimensional cannon is extremely expensive, costing a whopping four times more than Mecha Knight. However, it's still much cheaper than Haltmann's Executive Suit, which is made of pure gold.
— Vs. Dedede Clones and D3 2.0 • Kirby: Planet Robobot


  • The music that plays when fighting Dedede Clones and D3 is a medley of the theme when flying around the Halberd, King Dedede's theme, and My Friend and the Setting Sun (the theme that plays after beating Revenge of Meta Knight and Revenge of the King).
  • If the Dedede Clones and the D3 Cannon are considered as one complete boss, then with two health bars, that makes them have the most health out of any boss in the game, beating only by Star Dream and especially it's 2.0 form that only appears in the True Arena as the final boss, Star Dream Soul OS.
  • Unlike the other clones, Dedede Clone takes on the purple (yellow for 2.0) color that the other clones have before materializing; it also splits into three upon taking enough damage, instead of being simply destroyed. This implies that Dedede clone is in an unfinished state compared to the others.



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