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Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Name (JP) アイスダス (Icedas)
In Games
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Points Given300
CategoryRegular enemy

Dice are normal enemies appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. They only appear in Stage 8 of Dedede Resort. They also have a larger counterpart, appearing in the same level.

Physical Appearance

Dice are small, blue reptilian creatures with piglike snouts and a crocodilian face. They have four sharp teeth, a large pink tongue, a number of scales jutting down their back, and a small tail with what appears to be a ball at the end. Dice have two short, stubby legs with two claws each.


Dice spit ice blocks at the Kirbys, although they are much more of a nuisance than a threat. The ice blocks push the Kirbys backwards unless destroyed. Dice do this at regular intervals, usually at a fast pace. They are sometimes placed next to fruit (notably Maxim Tomatoes), prompting the player to collect them before they are squished by Dice's ice blocks. The ice blocks can also crush Kirbys, instantly KOing them.

A large variant of Dice known as Big Dice also appears in the game. They spit much larger ice blocks than regular Dice do.


  • Dice's artwork is mostly bluish-turquoise with a red tongue and white horns. Its sprite, however, has a pink nose, horns, scales, and tail ball.



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