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Name (JP) ディメンションホール
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Common enemiesKirby's Return to Dream Land: Armored Waddle Dee, Barracu, Big Gordo, Big Waddle Dee, Blipper, Bronto Burt, Broom Hatter, Cappy, Coldtzo, Como, Gigatzo, Glunk, Gordo, Halcandran Waddle Dee, Mopoo, Puppet Waddle Dee, Shotzo, Volttzo, Waddle Dee, Wapod
Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition: Blade Knight, Bowby, Bronto Burt, Cappy, Cerulean, Chilly, Elec, Gemra, Gordo, Halcandran Bowby, Halcandran Bronto Burt, Halcandran Waddle Dee, Juckle, Needlous, Noddy, Owgulf, Scarfy, Snowl, Sparky, Volttzo, Waddle Dee, Water Galbo
Mid-bossesSphere Doomer
Suddenly a dimensional rift appeared, revealing an otherworldly invader. Go, Team Kirby! Take up arms and once again fight to save the world!
— Narration • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

A dimensional rift[1] is a location in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

A dimensional rift is a tear in the fabric of space that leads from Planet Popstar or Halcandra into Another Dimension (or vice-versa). These rifts generally take the shape of a star, and have glowing edges that surround a blue or purple dimensional interior. The Lor Starcutter and some of its parts are largely responsible for the creation of these rifts, though other extremely powerful forces have demonstrated the ability to cause them as well.


Kirby's Return to Dream Land


KRtDL Dimensional Rift Lor

The Lor Starcutter enters Dream Land's skies.

At the beginning of the game, the Lor Starcutter opens a rift in the skies of Dream Land and crashes onto Planet Popstar, scattering five of its main parts and Energy Spheres. The Energy Spheres distort space, creating rifts into Another Dimension. After recovering the five main parts and repairing the Lor Starcutter, the galleon creates a rift and travels through it to reach Halcandra.

KRtDL Dimensional Rift Magolor

Magolor opens a rift to Planet Popstar.

After Kirby defeats Landia in Dangerous Dinner, Magolor takes the Master Crown and reveals his true colors. He opens a rift directly to Planet Popstar and rushes through it, intent on conquering Planet Popstar and the universe with his unlimited power. Landia teams up with Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Bandana Waddle Dee, and they give chase. After defeating the Magolor (and Magolor Soul in Extra Mode), Another Dimension begins crumbling, with the rift to Popstar shrinking. In the nick of time, the Lor opens the rift briefly, allowing itself and the group to escape through it.

After ensuring that Kirby and the rest of the group are safe, the Lor and Landia return to Halcandra through another rift.

Main Mode

On Kirby's adventure to recover these parts, the hero can use Super Abilities to uncover hidden rifts. Entering one strips Kirby of his Copy Ability and thrusts him into a grayscale pocket of Another Dimension, which is based on the stage the rift is a part of. The dimension begins collapsing immediately, with a purple layer steadily moving to absorb everything. This pushes Kirby forward if it catches up to him and can crush him if another wall comes up in front of him. As such, Kirby must flee through the area. Star Spitting and launching a Team Attack at the layer pushes it back slightly, buying Kirby a few seconds. Enemies and items from Dream Land and Halcandra appear in these dimensional pockets, presumably pulled into the rift previously. If Kirby is KO'd in Another Dimension, he is ejected back out the entrance and can choose to reenter.

After escaping the layer, Kirby is given a choice of two Copy Essences before fighting one or more Sphere Doomers, inhabitants of Another Dimension. When defeated, they drop two Energy Spheres. When Kirby collects them, the rest of the area regains its color. The hero can then consume a Maxim Tomato and exit Another Dimension through the entrance. The rift closes after Kirby exits.

In battle, Magolor can open small rifts to release Sphere Doomers as an attack. In his second phase, Magolor opens rifts to travel through, fire lasers into, and release spikes from.

Extra Mode

KRtDL Dimensional Rift EX

A dimensional rift in Extra Mode

Dimensional rifts appear in the same locations as in Main Mode and are nearly identical in design. There are minor changes, however. The rift entrances appear purple instead of blue. The layers are a reddish color and move faster than in Main Mode. Additionally, some enemies inside the rifts are scaled up or down in size. Sphere Doomers, now known as Sphere Doomer EXs, look and attack differently.

In battle, Magolor EX can open small rifts to release Sphere Doomer EXs as an attack. Magolor Soul opens rifts to travel through, fire lasers into, and release spikes from.

Purple rift entrances also appear to transport Kirby to the last five rounds of bosses in The True Arena.


Location Layer Sphere Doomer(s) Image Image (Colored)
Stage 1 of Cookie Country Moves left to right Purple KRtDL Dimensional Rift 1 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 1 color
Stage 4 of Cookie Country Moves left to right Purple KRtDL Dimensional Rift 2 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 2 color
Stage 2 of Raisin Ruins Moves left to right Red KRtDL Dimensional Rift 3 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 3 color
Stage 4 of Raisin Ruins Moves right to left Red KRtDL Dimensional Rift 4 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 4 color
Stage 1 of Onion Ocean Moves downward Red KRtDL Dimensional Rift 5 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 5 color
Stage 3 of Onion Ocean Moves left to right Red KRtDL Dimensional Rift 6 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 6 color
Stage 2 of White Wafers Moves left to right Green KRtDL Dimensional Rift 7 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 7 color
Stage 4 of White Wafers Moves downward Green KRtDL Dimensional Rift 8 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 8 color
Stage 2 of Nutty Noon Moves left to right Green KRtDL Dimensional Rift 9 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 9 color
Stage 4 of Nutty Noon Moves left to right Green KRtDL Sky Tower Rift KRtDL Dimensional Rift 10 color
Stage 1 of Egg Engines Moves right to left White KRtDL Dimensional Rift 11 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 11 color
Stage 3 of Egg Engines Moves left to right White KRtDL Dimensional Rift 12 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 12 color
Stage 1 of Dangerous Dinner Moves right to left White KRtDL Dimensional Rift 13 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 13 color
Stage 2 of Dangerous Dinner Moves downward White KRtDL Dimensional Rift 14 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 14 color
Stage 3 of Dangerous Dinner Moves left to right Purple and red KRtDL Dimensional Rift 15 KRtDL Dimensional Rift 15 color

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition

In the New Challenge Stages mode, Kirby races Magolor in a few locations on Planet Popstar. Two of these races, Magolor Race 3 and Magolor Race EX, presumably take place inside pockets of Another Dimension, as the backgrounds of the racing locations are identical.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

KPR Dimensional Rift

Galacta Knight enters through a dimensional rift.

At the end of the Meta Knightmare Returns sub-game, the Mother Computer Star Dream activates the previously prohibited Time-Space Transport program to summon a powerful warrior as a final challenge for Meta Knight. It opens a dimensional rift that Galacta Knight descends from. During the fight, the warrior can cut the fabric of space, creating a seam that expels energy from Another Dimension. When the battle is over, Galacta Knight, encased in a crystal, exits through another rift.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

KSSU Kirby run
Spoiler alert: The following section contains plot-specific details.(Skip Section)

When Team Kirby arrives to challenge Greater Doomer or Parallel Susie, the bosses emerge from dimensional rifts.

End of spoilers


  • The music that plays when Kirby battles a Sphere Doomer is a heavily remixed version of Meta Knight's battle theme from Kirby Super Star and its remake.
  • Very rarely, the Lor Starcutter can be seen passing through Another Dimension when Galacta Knight cuts open a rift in Kirby: Planet Robobot.
  • Galacta Knight slashes Star Dream immediately after he escapes the rift, causing Star Dream to collapse. How the second rift is generated to take Galacta Knight away is unexplained.





  1. The lost Energy Spheres have created dimensional rifts. The Grand Doomer has emerged from one such rift! - VS Grand Doomer EX

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