Domestic Servant Robot
Name (JP) ホームヘルパーロボ (Hōmuherupārobo)
- Meaning from "home helper robot"
First appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Pink-Collar Blues)
Latest appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Pink-Collar Blues)
Copy AbilityNone
CategoryKirby: Right Back at Ya!

The Domestic Servant Robot is a robot ordered by King Dedede to replace his thousands of Waddle Dees that has only appeared in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Pink-Collar Blues. The robot at first appeared to obey Dedede's commands, but it later turns out that the Robot was stealing Dedede's treasures to pay off his huge debt. In the end, the robot transforms into battle mode and gives the Waddle Dees a hard time, but Stone Kirby is easily able to wipe it out by pinning it to the ground first then letting the Waddle Dees pick it apart and finally destroying it with one more jump on its head.

Physical Appearance and Abilities

The Domestic Servant Robot looks like a mechanical version of Blocky's game counterpart. It has treadmills for feet and round purple eyes on its face. The right eye looks like a camera and can extend and shoot lasers, while the left eye has a large rectangular eyebrow over it. Also on its face is what appears to be a mechanical door that opens up to allow it to bring out different things as requested by its customers. It has mechanical arms with three red fingers, and on its top is a hatch that opens up. The robot was built to do chores for its customers, but secretly, it was built to steal other people's treasures to pay off its customers' debts.

Robot Batte Mode

The Domestic Servant Robot, in battle mode.

When the robot transforms into battle mode, its treads are moved to its back and it grows an extra pair of mechanical legs with red shoes. Its arms become more flexible and very metal coil-like, and it gains two red shoulder pads. A dome with an extra purple eye on its front comes out of Domestic Servant Robot's top when it transforms. This proves that the robot was also built for battle.


  • The Domestic Servant Robot is one of the few monsters that can talk in the original Japanese version, but it only says one word in the whole episode which is "TRANSFORM!". It says it when it transforms into battle mode.
  • Domestic Servant Robot is one of the few monsters that wasn't ordered by Dedede specifically to destroy Kirby. Others include Crab and Honker Stomper.


List of Appearances

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

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