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Drag Race is a Stadium Arena in the City Trial mode of Kirby Air Ride. There are four different Drag Race tracks in total. Finishing one of these tracks on a particular Air Ride Machine under a certain time limit unlocks the next track by checking off a box in the City Trial Checklist.


Drag Races are essentially very straight and narrow Air Ride courses, and the objective is to simply finish first. There are opportunities to KO opponents before they reach the finish line, but these do not arise often and is often not desirable unless using the Shadow Star or Hydra in particular.


Primary Statistics

Secondary Statistics

A quick and clean straight run means only a few attributes actually matter in the arena itself - all of them decide how long it takes for the machine to actually reach its top speed, be it on the ground or in the air. A few arenas have panels that send the machine into the air, or actually have ramps to do the same, and having a good glide ability will allow the machine to avoid other racers and hazards.


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Drag Race 1

This course is very similar to the underwater section of Checker Knights. There are two to three Copy Chance Wheels and boost pads scattered along the track. Formula Star, Turbo Star, and Swerve Star are most recommended, the former two better off with a few Charge and Boost patches. Rocket Star has the best development in this course, because it will get a very high speed within Boost pads, ending the course at 10 or 9 secs.

Drag Race 2

Drag Race 3

Drag Race 4

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