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This is a story of a faraway realm from long, long ago... A beautiful, peaceful land called the Dream Kingdom. Peace, though, can vanish in a flash... Can you defend the Dream Kingdom from a sudden onslaught of enemies? Set forth and do battle, Team Kirby!
— Introduction • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Dream Kingdom is the setting of the events in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Initially a peaceful kingdom, it is then invaded by enemies. It is up to Team Kirby to get rid of the threat to the kingdom.


KSSU Kirby run
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The Dream Kingdom is separated into six distinct regions, as well as a village that serves as the hub area:

  • The Grasslands - A grassy area with many giant trees. This region has no Ordeal boss.
  • The Dunes - An arid desert with cacti. Kracko serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Ruins - A forested area with ancient stone structures. Whispy Woods serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Volcano - A volcanic area with boiling lava and dead trees. Pyribbit serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Empyrean - A mountainous area at a high altitude. Taranza serves as the Ordeal boss here.
  • The Decisive Battlefield - An otherworldly area surrounded by flaming land and outer space. Every boss here is an Ordeal boss, though it ends with King D-Mind.
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