KatRC Drill Cotta artwork
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse artwork
Drill Cotta
Name (JP) ドリコッタ (Dori Kotta)
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
CategoryEnemy, Large enemy

Drill Cotta is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Physical Appearance

Drill Cotta is a variant of Cotta. The enemy's body is jar-shaped and sports a top section that resembles a construction worker's hat. On top of the aforementioned section is a small blue lamp with a green border. Drill Cotta's face is brown and features two white eyes and a white-and-green border. The rim around Drill Cotta's bottom is white, and is slightly chipped. Out of the rim protrudes a ridged, gray drill which is composed of two sections.


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Drill Cotta primarily appears in the stage Dig and Dash. It is normally stationary, but when Kirby approaches, it begins to drill in whatever direction it is facing. Drill Cotta can dig through clay, a unique quality among enemies. When it reaches the ground or a wall, it will firmly plant itself there. Kirby can defeat the enemy by hitting its head with two Tap Dashes or a Star Dash; the hero will take damage it he attacks its drill.

Big Drill Cottas exist as well. Kirby must dig through clay to escape a group of them toward the end of the stage. They are just as vulnerable as their smaller counterparts.

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