Kirbycolors This article is about the sub-game called Dyna Blade. For the boss of the same name, see Dyna Blade.
Set out on an epic journey to stop the giant, monstrous bird Dyna Blade from destroying all of the crops. This game mode features a world map and the ability to select stages.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Dyna Blade is the second sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake.

General Information

The titular bird is destroying all of Dream Land's crops, and Kirby goes out to stop her. However, when Kirby defeats her, it turns out she was trying to feed her chicks. While Dyna Blade is injured, Kirby takes care of the chicks, including feeding them with Whispy Woods' apples and teaching them to how to fly. In the end, Dyna Blade reappears and takes her chicks over the sea, with Kirby waving them goodbye.

Dyna Blade re-appears in Revenge of Meta Knight. She flies Kirby over to the Halberd. However, when she gets close, a laser is fired at her from the Combo Cannon, wounding her. Kirby is able to enter the Halberd, though in the background one can see Dyna Blade falling. Her fate is unknown after that, although one can only assume she was badly hurt.

Dyna Blade reappears for a final time during Meta Knightmare Ultra in the remake. Meta Knight too flies with the chicks; he does not wave, however, and instead pursues his next training quest as they fly into the sunset.


Dyna Blade is divided up into five levels plus two trial rooms. These are:

The game is represented in a map, so the player can go back and repeat a level as they so choose. While the sub-game isn't unique, gameplay wise, it is unique in the fact that it only has one boss, Dyna Blade herself. All other levels (bar the Trial Rooms) are guarded by mini-bosses. Once the player completes Mallow Castle, Iron Mam walks around the map, and if Kirby encounters her, the player cannot advance until he/she has beaten her.

Related Quotes

A strange bird, named Dyna Blade, has come from the mountain and ruined the crops! Unless Kirby can stop him, Dream Land will be devastated!
— Dyna Blade Story • Kirby Super Star Instruction Booklet