Dyna Chick (DynaBaby in Japan) is the baby of the ancient bird Dyna Blade. There is more than one Dyna Chick - three of them appear in the ending of the Kirby Super Star sub-game Dyna Blade, where Kirby feeds them apples from Whispy Woods and teaches them flying lessons, therefore making their mother happy.

In the Anime

Dyna Chick is also a minor character in the anime. At first,

Dyna Blade thought the chick was eaten by Kirby,but it later turned out that Kirby was actually taking good care of the chick, which placated Dyna Blade. Dyna Chick is often an endless source of trouble, just like most real-life babies, and Dyna Blade often has her wings full with this one. Not just getting into trouble very often, Dyna Chick is also prone to wandering off on its own misadventures. Since Kirby was the first thing it saw when it hatched, Dyna Chick is also often addicted to him. Since it is flightless and awkward, it barely resembles the bird it will become 100 years later (as it takes 100 years for it to mature anyway).