Press the buttons to make Kirby's mouth open! Try to eat eggs-- but not bombs!
— Egg Catcher's description • Kirby's Adventure
Egg Catcher
Kirby's Adventure screenshot
Egg Catcher
Name (JP) たまごきゃっちゃ
(Tama go ki ~yatcha)
- Meaning たまご - 卵 (Tamago) means "Egg", きゃっちゃ (Ki ~yatcha) for "Catcher"

Egg Catcher is a sub-game from Kirby's Adventure.


In this sub-game, Kirby and King Dedede are in a fighting ring. Dedede will throw eggs and bombs at Kirby. Kirby must catch the eggs, but not the bombs. The player opens Kirby's mouth by pressing any button, and closes by releasing the button. Depending on how many eggs Kirby caught, he will score bonus points or even extra lives. Also, if Kirby caught any eggs without catching any bombs, baby chicks will come out of his mouth.



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