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Egg Engines
Name (JP) エッガー エンジンズ (Eggā enjinzu)
- Meaning for "Egg Engines"
A place in
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
5Level 67
IconKRtDL Egg Engines icon
BossesMetal General, HR-D3
Common enemiesArmored Waddle Dee, Babut, Barbar, Barracu, Blade Knight, Blipper, Bomb Machine, Bouncy, Bowby, Bronto Burt, Broom Hatter, Chilly, Clayn, Degout, Elec, Flamer, Foley, Galbo, Gigatzo, Glunk, Gordo, Hot Head, Juckle, Knuckle Joe, Lanzer, Leafan, Mopoo, Noddy, Owgulf, Parasol, Parasol Waddle Dee, Pluid, Rocky, Scarfy, Search, Sheld, Shotzo, Sir Kibble, Sodory, Sparky, Squishy, Super Hot Head, Super Waddle Doo, Tick, Volttzo, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Walky, Wapod, Water Galbo, Whippy
Mid-bossesSphere Doomer, Dubior, King Doo, Moundo, Kibble Blade

Egg Engines is the sixth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is the first area on Halcandra that Kirby and company journey through after the Lor Starcutter's crash landing.

Egg Engines is a highly-mechanized and industrial area on one of the many plateaus of Halcandra, with most of the terrain covered in metal construction work, machines, and hazardous terrain and structures, reminiscent of planet Mekkai's surroundings. Its skyline is dominated by large buildings and steel girders from end to end, and behind that looms Halcandra's volcano in Dangerous Dinner. The parts Kirby ventures through appear to be a factory of some sort, as they are filled with conveyor belts and moving parts. From its ground sprouts what appears to be living mechanical flowers occasionally. There are no visible residents, and the city looks completely abandoned; in this way it is similar to Shiver Star.

General Information

Being the first level of planet Halcandra, the Halcandran equivalents of Planet Popstar's enemies are first introduced within stages in Egg Engines. Most of them are simply of different color, but there are a few curiously different ones, including the Halcandran Waddle Dee and Armored Waddle Dee. Kirby can use Super Abilities to clear the way in some stages, revealing dimensional rifts. Egg Engines' boss is Metal General.

Stage 5 contains the game's second hidden HAL room, which detracts from the tradition of a Broom Hatter sweeping the letter "L", and instead has a Halcandran Waddle Dee pacing on it. It contains the Whip, Water, Leaf, and Spear Copy Pedestals.


Stage 1

The first stage is set outside a gloomy, abandoned city. Large hammers that crush Kirby are introduced, as well as the Halcandran enemies.

Energy Spheres

  • In the third room with the cannon puzzles, there is an orange star door. To access it, the player should time the cannon firing so Kirby hits the wall while it is closed and bounces off. Inside the door is a similar puzzle, where the player must hit a wall while using a cannon. Doing so will net Kirby the first Energy Sphere.
  • Complete the inter-dimensional tunnel opened by the Super Ability.
  • Same as above.

Stage 2

This stage takes place inside the factory.

Energy Spheres

  • If the player doesn't already have Water or Ice, they should obtain it from the Chilly in one of the rooms. In the next room, some fire blocks block the way to the first Energy Sphere.
  • In the next room, there is a Rocky that the player should obtain Stone from. In the room after that, the room containing water, there are two stone blocks under the water that block the 2nd Energy Sphere - go to the top where there is air, and transform.
  • After defeating Dubior, inhale it to get Spark. In the next room with the moving box, use the Thunderbolt move (1+up) to destroy at least the last bomb block. It will unlock the third Ernergy Sphere.
  • In the last room, first pull the switch to get a key. Carry the key to the end of the area and use it on the barrier to get the last Energy Sphere.

Stage 3

Again, this level is set around the factory, but is faster-paced with heavy use of conveyor belts and wind currents, which is reflected in the music.

Energy Spheres

  • In the second "room" or wind-blowing section, the player should stay vigilant; near the end there is a pull switch. Jump at the right time to get it and unlock the first Energy Sphere.
  • The next Energy Sphere is in the room with the falling floor. After hitting the switch, run until the Energy Sphere appears; if the player is not quick, it will disappear below the bottomless pit.
  • Inter-dimensional tunnel.
  • Inter-dimensional tunnel.

Stage 4

This level takes place in what appears to be a dirty sewer system; thus it's primarily a water level (luckily the water appears to be clean, at least what Kirby's swimming in). Confusing and narrow pipe systems can make this stage very difficult, as well as the candle-lit section.

Energy Spheres

  • In the candle-lit section, the player must continue until he/she sees a flying sword enemy. The player must ignore or defeat it and break the blocks above it to find a Hammer copy pedestal. He/She should take Hammer and continue to a left-right fork; go right, defeat the bats, and use Hammer to break the blocks surrounding the first Sphere.
  • In the same section, the player must continue past the first door and the player enter a strong water current. The current will take the player to another door, and he/she will find himself/herself on the bottom portion of the next room. There's an Energy Sphere near the end in plain sight.
  • Defeat Kibble Blade and get Cutter from it. Soon the player see a switch; charge up the boomerang and aim upwards. It should hit the switch, which will cause some blocks behind him/her to disappear, which reveals some food and the third Energy Sphere.
  • In the next water room with the maze-like currents, the player should find his/her way to the "room" right before the door, but go down, not up. The player will get carried to the 4th Energy Sphere.
  • In the room with the giant eels, there will be a giant eel that occasionally covers an orange-star door. When the eel retreats, enter the door (the current is against Kirby) and inside, inhale the Sparky. Use Thunderbolt on the second bomb block from the left to get a key that will unlock a barrier to the left which contains the last Energy Sphere. On the far right is a candle; it may aid in getting the key, as the other bomb blocks will drop food or even Shotzos.

Stage 5

This stage is set in the factory. It is difficult mostly because of the many walls that can crush Kirby; notably, there are several rooms where Kirby is restricted to a single screen's width, and has to avoid various ceilings that come down, trying to crush him. Only after all the ceilings are dodged will the door to the next area appear.

Energy Spheres

  • In the first ceiling-dodging room, note when a ceiling with no indents but spikes appears. After it, stay to the left; the next ceiling contains an Energy Sphere, but it only appears to the left and will disappear almost immediately with the ceiling.
  • In the next room, there is an Armored Waddle Dee that guards an orange-star door. Defeat it and enter the room. There is a simple puzzle inside; take the key, throw it onto the conveyor belt, and rush to the other side before the key falls off the edge. Use it to get the 2nd Energy Sphere.
  • In the second ceiling-dodging room, go to the middle of the screen after the second ceiling. Fly up, as the third Energy Sphere is too high for Kirby to jump to.
  • In the room with the invisibility crystal, the player must take it and pass through all the barriers until he/she finds the 4th Sphere. There are two Degouts guarding it.
  • In the very last ceiling phase of the last ceiling-dodging area, they fall one by one from the right. When the second-to-left one starts coming down, the Sphere will appear right below it- quickly float up and snag it, then finish the level.

Copy Abilities

KRtDL Beam iconKRtDL Beam UI
KRtDL Bomb iconKRtDL Bomb UI
KRtDL Crash iconKRtDL Crash UI
KRtDL Cutter iconKRtDL Cutter UI
KRtDL Fighter iconKRtDL Fighter UI
KRtDL Fire iconKRtDL Fire UI
KRtDL Hammer iconKRtDL Hammer UI
KRtDL Hi-Jump iconKRtDL Hi-Jump UI
KRtDL Ice iconKRtDL Ice UI
KRtDL Leaf iconKRtDL Leaf UI
KRtDL Mike iconKRtDL Mike UI
KRtDL Needle iconKRtDL Needle UI
KRtDL Ninja iconKRtDL Ninja UI
KRtDL Parasol iconKRtDL Parasol UI
KRtDL Sleep iconKRtDL Sleep UI
KRtDL Spark iconKRtDL Spark UI
KRtDL Spear iconKRtDL Spear UI
KRtDL Stone iconKRtDL Stone UI
KRtDL Sword icon
KRtDL Sword UI
KRtDL Water icon
KRtDL Water UI
KRtDL Whip icon
KRtDL Wing icon

Super Abilities

KRtDL Monster Flame iconKRtDL Monster Flame UI
Monster Flame
KRtDL Flare Beam iconKRtDL Flare Beam UI
Flare Beam



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