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KSSU Cannon sprite 2 This article contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

Extra Mode (originally titled Extra Game) is a mode that can be unlocked in several games by completing the main game. There are many variations, and they usually require the player to complete them in one try.

Kirby's Dream Land

DL Extra Mode

Extra Game code screen

Extra Game in Kirby's Dream Land is essentially a harder mode designed to test players who are used to the basics of the game. To play the Extra Game, the player must press ↑, A, and Select on the title screen. Instructions for this are viewed once the player beats the normal game once. The Extra Game uses the same environment but a number of enemies are replaced with more hazardous ones and the bosses gain dangerous new attacks.

Enemy Replacements

The biggest difference between the Extra Game and the main game is that a lot of enemies are replaced with stronger counterparts. These are either faster or do more damage than their weaker counterparts. Even enemies that aren't replaced are more dangerous, for example Waddle Dees are faster and can jump to surprise Kirby.


Much like the regular enemies, the bosses are now more dangerous. Their attacks do more damage and they have some new and stronger attacks.

  • Poppy Bros. Sr. is faster and throws more bombs. He also has a new attack where he dashes across the screen.
  • Whispy Woods now drops Gordos in addition to apples. He also spits out a lot more air pellets that go in random directions.
  • Lololo is much faster this time and he launches a Gordo immediately after launching each box.
  • Lololo & Lalala are faster than before and there are four rows instead of three.
  • Kabula is faster, shoots more frequently and uses her ram attack more often.
  • Kracko Jr. is much faster and will drop a bunch of bombs on Kirby instead of dropping a single Waddle Doo.
  • Kracko moves faster and in more varied ways. His beam attack is also larger, and just like his immature form, he drop bombs instead of Waddle Doos.
  • King Dedede moves faster and there is less time in between his attacks.

Kirby's Adventure

If the player beats the main game with 100%, they automatically get this as an option in the menu. In Extra Mode, Kirby has half as much health and his progress is not saved. If this mode is completed, the player is awarded with the Sound Test option in the menu. From there, the player can listen to many of the sounds and tunes used in the game. Kirby's title on the menu is also changed from "Hero of Lore" to "Super Star."

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble

If the player collects all 32 Red Stars, he/she can replay the game in Extra Mode. Extra Mode does not entail a vast number of changes, but there are some.

  • Stages start with a stricter time limit.
  • Gray, spherical land mines can be found in certain stages. These hurt Kirby, launch the hero into the air, and destroy a small patch of ground upon detonation.
  • Bumpers are added to some stages.
  • The Orbservor in Level 2 is replaced with the Orbservor in Level 4, and vice versa.
  • Some enemies and obstacles/platforms (such as clouds) move faster.
  • Some key locations have been changed.
  • Planet Popstar is given a reddish hue on the Level selection screen.

Collecting all 32 Red Stars in Extra Mode will change the color of the title screen from blue to pinkish red.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Extra Game appears in this remake of Kirby's Adventure. Unlike the extra mode in Kirby's Adventure, progress is actually saved. Also, if the game is beaten, the Meta Knightmare sub-game will be obtained, where the player gets to play as Meta Knight in a nonsaveable crash course of the game. The hard part is that he only gets three hit-points, like in the Extra Game of Kirby's Adventure.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

The Extra Game is a timed run to obtain all the Treasure Chests as fast as possible; the final time is not saved until all the chests have been collected. Like Meta Knightmare in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, the player's progress is forfeited should he/she leave the game at any time. Redoing a level is allowed.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Extra Mode in Kirby's Return to Dream Land is unlocked after beating Main Mode with at least 50/120 Energy Spheres. It is one of the most elaborate Extra Modes in the series. Prominent changes include:

  • Bosses and mid-bosses usually have EX added to their names, receive cosmetic updates, and have new or revised attacks not found in the Main mode.
  • A whole new boss is added immediately after Metal General EX, the boss of Egg Engines.
  • Kirby and co.'s maximum health is cut by 40%, and the health bar is now green rather than blue.
  • Moving walls in dimensional rift sequences are faster than before, as well as being a different color. In Extra Mode, the walls are a mix of dark and light purple, while in the Main Mode, the wall is a mix of dark and light blue.
  • Other than the previous changes which increase the difficulty, collectibles have more detail or have certain embellishments and decals added to them. For example, Point Stars now have hollow centers and 1-ups gain a golden crown.
  • Enemies are now much more abundant in stages and come in varying sizes - larger enemies can take more of a beating than smaller ones and may serve as large roadblocks, and smaller enemies are less resilient to attacks but are harder to hit.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

King Dedede, and with him, Dededetour (the Extra Mode of the game), is unlocked by completing the main game once. Dedede functions similarly to how he does in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, with small differences, such as how he can now fire a beam from his hammer than cuts things like rope and grass. Many enemies are larger and more durable while playing as Dedede, and mid-bosses and bosses now have 'DX' at the end of their names: like their 'EX' counterparts from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, they have been recolored and use a number of new, often more dangerous attacks. Similarly to Meta Knightmare Ultra, levels must be completed in one sitting, and times are recorded after doing so. Finally, all sections in the original game that required Hypernova ability are skipped, as Dedede cannot acquire Copy Abilities.

Taranza, who kidnaps Dedede in the main game, is not present at all in this mode, but Queen Sectonia DX (implied to be the Mirror World counterpart of the original Queen Sectonia) is fought in Royal Road. After she is defeated, the Dimension Mirror appears and a dark version of Dedede, known as Shadow Dedede, emerges from it. Upon defeat, Shadow Dedede shatters into pieces of glass. Dedede then enters the Dimension Mirror and finds himself in an alternate dimension-like area. There, the Dimension Mirror appears again and Dark Meta Knight emerges from it, engaging Dedede in a final battle. After Dark Meta Knight is defeated, he is sucked back into the Dimension Mirror. Dedede then destroys the mirror and the mode is completed.

Collectible stars don't appear in this mode, they are instead replaced by Dedede's symbol: a peace sign, often mistaken as a rabbit's head. These peace signs serve the exact same function as Kirby's stars.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Meta Knight and with him, Meta Knightmare Returns, is unlocked by completing the main game once. Meta Knight functions similarly to how he does in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Many enemies are larger and more durable while playing as Meta Knight, and mid-bosses and bosses now have '2.0' at the end of their names: as with prior upgraded extra mode bosses, they have been recolored and use a number of new, often more dangerous attacks. Similar to Meta Knightmare Ultra, levels must be completed in one sitting, and times are recorded after doing so. Finally, all sections in the original game that require the Robobot Armor ability are skipped, as Meta Knight cannot acquire Copy Abilities.

Collectible stars don't appear in this mode; they are instead replaced by Meta Knight's symbol, an M with a sword in the middle. These Meta signs serve the exact same function as Kirby's stars.

Susie does not appear to summon Mecha Knight and Dedede Clone in Meta Knightmare Returns, but is still fought as Susie 2.0.

Three new bosses are added that were not in Story Mode: Dark Matter Clone, Sectonia Clone, and Galacta Knight Returns. Additionally, Mecha Knight is replaced with a robot called Stock Mecha Knight, who is only fought at the end of Level 4 (Gigabyte Grounds). Mecha Knight+ is not fought at all.


  • Almost all of the Extra Modes are considered non-canon, according to Shinya Kumazaki, the director of Kirby: Planet Robobot, who has referred to them as "what if" situations. This is the same with The True Arenas, meaning that none of the soul bosses (except Drawcia Soul) exist in the main canon, instead being featured in an alternate story line.[1]


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