FangoraKEY Fangora
Kirby's Epic Yarn artwork and screenshot
Name (JP) ドドワン (Dodowan)
A place in
Kirby's Epic Yarn
5Stage 2/5 (6)7
WorldGrass Land
ThemeDragon's lair
TreasuresMagic Yarn
Special notesMetamortex: none
This flaming guardian can breathe fire but will drop its guard when tired!
— Fangora's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Fangora is a boss appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. It shares its name with the stage it features in. Fangora is the boss of Grass Land and the first boss in the game. It takes three attacks to be defeated in its first incarnation, but when Fangora features again in Yin-Yarn's boss battle, it takes only one hit to be downed.

Fangora's fight comes after the Big-Bean Vine stage. Beating Fangora gives the Magic Yarn and opens up Hot Land. Obtaining sufficient Beads during the battle gives the Mole Patch which unlocks the stage Mole Hole separately.

Physical Appearance

Fangora is a fairly traditional-looking dragon, with horns, claws, and wings, and stands on all four legs. Despite Fangora's small wings, it is capable of flight at great speeds. Fangora is mostly green in color, but its wings are red and it has a yellow pattern on its back. It has an arrowhead-tipped, extendable tongue, allowing Fangora to use it as a grapple hook.


Before every attack, Fangora buffets Kirby and Prince Fluff into the bottom-left corner of the screen with its wings. It then has a choice of two attacks, and always starts with the first, which is a tongue attack. Fangora's tongue is shot towards the heroes either once, twice, or thrice, depending on how many times the heroes damaged the beast. Its second choice of attack is shooting up to three fireballs from its mouth. Fangora always shoots three fireballs unless interrupted before the attack finishes. Fangora follows up every hit it receives by flying off-screen, diving far behind the screen, then flying straight up from beneath the ground the heroes stand with its mouth open.

How to Defeat

After every tongue attack, if Fangora misses its mark, the dragon tires immediately, and its tongue flops outwards outside of its mouth. Kirby or Prince Fluff can snag the tongue with the yarn whip and snap it back to hurt the boss. The fireballs from the second attack can be wrapped up using the yarn whip and thrown back, hurting the boss.

Fangora's follow-up attack, which is diving straight up from beneath the ground, is fairly easy to avoid if Kirby transforms into car form and runs from one edge of the screen to the other, just after Fangora disappears from far behind the screen.

Every time Fangora gets hurt, its yarn outline gets thinner and thinner. Defeating Fangora gives Kirby and Prince Fluff the second strand of Magic Yarn. Collecting enough beads during the fight will earn the Mole Patch and unlock Mole Hole.


Fangora's name is derived from the word "fang," referencing his teeth, and the term angora, a type of wool.