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Copy Ability
KRTDL Fighter
Kirby's Return to Dream Land artwork
Name (JP) ファイター (Faitā)
In Games
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Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Trophy)
In the anime#J19/#E17 - #J40/#E37 - #J53/#E46 - #J58/#E58 - #J65/#E65 - #J67/#E67
TypeMelee, Energy
AppearanceRed headband, features a yellow star in Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Other PowersDestroys Metal Blocks (Copy Scroll needed)
Ability IconKRtDL Fighter icon
Regular enemiesKnuckle Joe, Boxin, Blue Golem
Mid-bossesIron Mam, Box Boxer
HelperKnuckle Joe
I'm a brawling Copy Ability! How long you hold 1 determines how strong or weak my attacks are! And I have a ton of them!
— Fighter's Flavor Text • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

General Information

Fighter is one of Kirby's Copy abilities, first appearing in Kirby Super Star. It is certainly one of his most versatile abilities and he can execute many different attacks with it.

Fighter Kirby gains the abilities of a martial artist and boxer, along with being able to fire energy blasts like standard chi/aura fighters, and shows it all off while topped with a red headband. He gains this ability by inhaling enemies with a knack for fighting.

The red headband used by Fighter Kirby is near identical to the one Kirby used for the Backdrop ability in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Embellishments are added to fighter's headband in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, where it gets subtle pink banding along the sides and a frontal yellow star.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Vulcan Jab B/Y Kirby fires many weak, fast punch waves. In Kirby: Squeak Squad and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, an upperkick and a falling chop are thrown by pressing B consecutively. None 10 (1st hit early), 5 (1st hit late)
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Nonstop Vulcan Jab
B/Y/1 (repeatedly) Kirby fires many weak, fast punch waves. No attack cooldown. None 4 per hit
Smash Punch B/Y/1 (Held) Kirby throws a powerful punch wave. It is a one-hit KO on regular enemies. None 20
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Force Blast
Down + Button 1 (Held) A variation of Smash Punch. Kirby can charge the blast up to three levels (Force Blast, Mega Force Blast, and Giga Force Blast). Kirby can also perform the Instant Mega Force Blast by pressing down, forward, and holding the attack button. None/Fire 24 (regular), 36 (mega/instant mega), 42 (giga)
Leg Sweep Dash + B/Y/1 Kirby slides along the ground, damaging enemies with his extended foot. Low damage, but quick.
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Kirby is invulnerable during the attack.
None 6 (1st hit), 5 (2nd, 3rd, 4th hits)
Spin Kick Dash + B/Y/1 (Held) Kirby gives a running kick to anything in his path. He is invulnerable during the attack.
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Kirby performs a whirlwind kick. He is invulnerable during the attack.
None 20 (1st hit early), 18 (1st hit late), 15 (2nd, 3rd hits)
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Somersault Kick
Dash + B/Y Kirby performs a running somersault kick to anything in his path. None -
Down Kick B/Y/1 or ↓ + B (Midair)

Kirby performs a drop kick in midair, damaging enemies below him. A simple attack in midair with no special momentum, but Kirby can bounce off of certain targets.

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Same as before, but now Kirby dives downward with stars trailing him.
None 18
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Sky Kick

Down + B/Y/1 (Midair) Same as Down Kick, but Kirby drops down to the ground at a quick pace. None 18
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Moon Somersault Kick
Button 1 (Midair, Near Enemy) Kirby performs a Somersault Kick in midair, damaging enemies. This kick renders him invincible for the duration of the move and leaves behind a crescent shaped flash. None 16
Double Kick B/Y/1 (Midair, Held) As Kirby falls he preforms a kick and then he fires off a second kick, complete with an energy wave. None 26 (foot), 18 (projectile)
Rising Break ↑ + B/Y/1 (held) Kirby leaps up doing a large uppercut. Hits enemies multiple times. Kirby is invulnerable during the attack. None 16 (1st hit), 8 (2nd, 3rd hits), 14 (4th hit)
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Foe Grab
B/Y/1 (Near Enemy) Kirby grabs a nearby enemy. Prerequisite move before Arm Throw or Juudou Throw. None 36 (held object)
Arm Throw B/Y/1 (Near Enemy) Kirby grabs an enemy, stars, & mid-bosses (when defeated) and tosses them forward (or punches them), often into other enemies or mid-bosses. He is invulnerable as long as the enemy is being held. This move is derived from Throw. None 46
Juudou Throw B/Y/1 + Back (Near Enemy) Kirby grabs an enemy, stars, & mid-bosses (when defeated) and throws them behind him, sometimes damaging other enemies & mid-bosses. He is invulnerable as long as the enemy is being held. This move is derived from Throw. None 52
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Aerial Spin Kick
→ + B or B in midair Kirby performs a whirlwind kick forward a small distance. In midair, he performs it stationary. None -
Energy Blast B (Held) Kirby shoots an energy blast that requires less time to charge as his health depletes.
KAtM logo
The lower Kirby's health, the more powerful the blast.

KSQSQ logo
Kirby instantly fires the blast at max power if his health is dangerously low. The Copy Scroll makes the move achieve maximum power without being at low health.
None -
KSQSQ logo

Air Drop
←/↑/→ + B Kirby takes the enemy or defeated mid-boss high up into the air, and then slams it into the ground. This move comes from Ninja and works exactly the same. None -

In the Super Smash Bros series

Some of Fighter's attacks are used as part of Kirby's regular attacks, in particular the Vulcan Jab, Leg Sweep and Spin Kick. Fighter is one of the three Copy abilities featured as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the others being Fire and Ball. Fighter also appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

The Fighter ability in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is most similar to the version in Super Star. The look of it is the same, with a simple red headband. Kirby uses all of the same attacks as the Super Star version at some point in the series.

He most often gets the ability in episodes featuring Knuckle Joe, from inhaling one of his attacks. Fighter is one of his strongest abilities, used against powerful demon beasts like Masher, with the strongest attack being the Rising Break.

Fighter Kirby's abilities are best displayed in episode 53, where he participates in a battle royale against the Martial Arts All-Stars.

In the transformation sequence, a band of light forms into the headband. It comically comes off his head, but he catches it and puts it on. He then makes energy pulses with his hands and does a little spin.

Transformation Sequence

Fighter transformation


Fighter, along with Bomb, is the third most frequently used copy ability in the Anime, with six appearances in total. The only time he spin kicks without Knuckle Joe is during the battle with Teacher Creature.

Kirby GCN

Fighter is seen in a screenshot for this game. It is unknown what moves he would've used, but he does use the Vulcan Jab move, as seen in the screenshot.

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
Copy the abilities of Fighter and assume the role of a mighty karate expert. Increase your power with practice!
KAtM logo
(→ + B) (→ → + B) (B (Charge)) (↑ + B)
KSQSQ logo
Go for it!
KSSU logo
Hi-yaa! Hold the B Button longer for a stronger blow! That punch is an instant KO!
KRtDL Logo
I'm a brawling Copy Ability! How long you hold 1 determines how strong or weak my attacks are! And I have a ton of them!


  • The red headband Kirby wears for this ability is said to be a homage to the Street Fighter character, Ryu, though it has been neither confirmed nor denied. Some say an even bigger reference to the series is that Fighter Kirby can fire energy blasts or "Hadouken." This also bears resemblance to a "Kamehameha" attack from the Dragon Ball series. In addition, his Rising Break bears distinct similarities to Ken's "Shoryuken" attack and his Aerial Spin Kick resembles the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku or "Hurricane Kick." Kirby's Spin Kick is also exactly like Guile's Flash Kick. These pyshical attacks also bear reference to Dragon Ball Z as they use both melee and energy blasts. The idea that the Fighter ability is a homage to the Street Fighter (or Dragon Ball Z) series is further evidenced by the fact that to do an attack, the Instant Mega Blast in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, involves the same button input as the Hadouken.
  • If Red Kirby obtained the Fighter Ability, he would get a white headband instead of the trademark red.
  • The Energy Blast attack for Kirby's Fighter Ability is a similar condition to the Aura Sphere attack of Lucario, a well-known Pokémon character playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
KNiD Boxart
Boxart for Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
  • The artwork of Fighter Kirby in the anime can be seen on the front of the US and European box art of Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, despite Fighter not being in the game, though it could be Backdrop given the very similar headband, and that the headband itself also doesn't have the cut fraction seen in Fighter's anime artwork.
  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Fighter Kirby hops in place while putting his arms up, in a similar fashion to a street fighter.
  • The yellow star on the headband was first included in Kirby's Return to Dream Land only.
  • Fighter Kirby's flavor text in Kirby's Return to Dream Land appears to be Kirby talking, as the text speaks in first-person, similar to most flavor texts for the UFO ability.
  • This is one of the only three abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land that can break ice blocks. The others are Fire and Hammer.




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