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KMA FireDude
Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Fire Bubble
Name (JP) フレイル (Fureiru)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given400
CategoryRegular enemy

Fire Bubble is an enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. They only appear in Volcano Valley.


Fire Bubble, as his name implies, is a yellow bubble with a very scowling glare and white horns with red stripes. He has red facial tattoos surrounding his eyes for decor and to make it look menacing.


Fire Bubble has a fireball moving around it in a circular motion, acting as a shield, to prevent the Kirbys from attacking it. He will try to spit out fireballs at the Kirbys in an attempt to catch them on fire, forcing the fiery Kirbys to find water. Good timing is the ticket to getting rid of him. When Fire Bubble touches a Water Bubble, he'll become immobilized and easier to defeat, in a similar manner to that of Fire Noserunt and red Snoozroots.



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