Flame Galboros is a mid-boss appearing in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is the larger version of the enemy Galbo.

Flame Galboros is the "twin" to Water Galboros, whom appears as a mid-boss in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, but instead grants the Water ability. Flame Galboros is a foe imbued with the opposite element: Fire. It grants this ability when inhaled.

Physical Appearance

Flame Galboros has spikes on its back that look like fire. Its stomach part is red with bright orange cracks on it. Its eyebrows are the same color as its spikes. It has menacing yellow eyes with red irises.

Flame Galboros DX is colored black like charcoal with purple spikes and eyebrows. It has red cracks on it stomach that glow bright yellow when it attacks. Its irises are purple.

KTD Flame Galboros

Flame Galboros DX


Regular form

Flame Galboros will start by hopping three times. The third time will be larger and produces a couple of stars. It will snort twice, then shoot a fireball. It will then hop again in attempt to crush Kirby, snorting before the third hop, in which he jumps extra high. It will proceed to snort and shoot two lava bubbles that slide on the ground. It starts hopping again. It will then shoot three fireballs. It will hop again, with the last one being reaching the top of the screen. It will then shoot a couple more lava bubbles. After that, The pattern will repeat.

DX form

In it's DX form, Flame Galboros will start by spitting the aforementioned lava bubbles that slide on the ground, only this time he spits many more than two. It will then hop up, cover itself in flames, and dash in mid-air, just like Fire Kirby's own Burn attack. After this, it will spit out multiple fireballs, pause and hop twice, and then continue. After dashing while in flames and hopping twice more, it will cover itself in flames, hop and land with great force, and cause two lava puddles to slide out from it. It will then shoot fire from its nostrils while spinning in a circle motion. After that, the pattern will repeat.


  • Flame Galboros attacks' are very similar to that of Pyribbit in the fact that it exhales fire through its nostrils in a circle motion, spits blobs of lava, and even engulfing itself in fire and jumping to create spreading fiery rings.
  • Despite being a larger version of Galbo, the enemy itself does not appear in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Because of that, Flame Galboros is the only member of the Galboros family to appear in the game.