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Flame Shotzo
Kirby: Canvas Curse artwork
Flame Shotzo
Name (JP) フレイムシャッツォ (Fureimushattso)
- Meaning for "Flame Shotzo"
In Games
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CategoryRegular Enemy
Shotzos attack by spitting flames. Rainbow lines can protect Kirby from them.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby: Canvas Curse

Flame Shotzos are a variety of Shotzo that spews flames rather than bullets. They first appeared in Kirby: Canvas Curse.


Flame Shotzos are immobile like regular Shotzo, but has a dome-like covering resembling a welding helmet. This gives the enemy an overall resemblance to a cigarette lighter. Flame Shotzos' ammo, fire, can be deflected with the rainbow lines drawn with the Magical Paintbrush.