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KRtDL Flare Beam1
Kirby's Return to Dream Land artwork
Flare Beam
Name (JP) ミラクルビーム (Mirakurubīmu)
- Meaning for "Miracle Beam"
In Games
KRtDL Logo
AppearanceA larger version of Beam's hat with silver stars on the ends and a star on the brim.
Other PowersDestroys certain terrain, activates special switches
Ability IconKRtDL Flare Beam icon
Regular enemiesSuper Waddle Doo
A Super Ability you can control as you like! Gather electricity into a ball, and move it around at will! Now, that's power!
— Flare Beam's Flavor Text • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Flare Beam is a Super Ability that appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. The ability is an upgraded version of Beam, and is obtained after inhaling a Super Waddle Doo. Kirby dons a hat much like the regular Beam hat, only larger, and the wand is larger and in rainbow colors. and can create a large ball of energy that can be maneuvered across the screen by pressing the +Control Pad.


Move Controls Description Element
Flare Beam 1 Button Kirby creates a large ball of electricity. It can be used to break blocks, activate switches, and defeat enemies. Electricity
Beam Guide +Control Pad after pressing the 1 button Kirby can maneuver the massive ball of electricity in any direction. Electricity
Disengage Press 2 after releasing the Flare Beam Kirby dispels the Flare Beam.


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