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Kirby Air Ride artwork
Flight Warp Star
Name (JP) フライトワープスター (Furaitowāpusutā)
IconKAR Mini FlightWarpstar
Stat Emphasis
KAR Patch HPKAR Patch OffenseKAR Patch ChargeKAR Patch DefenseKAR Patch Turn
KAR Patch TopSpeedKAR Patch BoostKAR Patch WeightKAR Patch GlideWheelieriderjump
ClassificationAir Machine
HP200 / 875*
AvailabilityCity Trial (Free Run only)
Course Unlocked atN/A
How to UnlockAvailable from the start
A prototype with upgraded gliding capabilities.
— Flight Warp Star's Flavor Text • Kirby: Air Ride

The Flight Warp Star, also known as the Flight Star, is an Air Machine that appeared in Kirby Air Ride and is playable only in Free Ride mode in City Trial.

This machine is red in color and has the third best flight ability in the game, after the Dragoon and Meta Knight. It is supposedly a prototype with enhanced aerial movement. It can be compared to the Warp Star because of their appearance, but it has an added pair of jet boosters on its front wings for better aerial performance.

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