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Float Islands
Name (JP) フロートアイランズ (Furōtoairanzu)
- Meaning from "Float Islands"
A place in
Kirby's Dream Land
2Stage 34
Spring Breeze
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
1Stage 23
ThemeTropical islands and seas
BossesKaboola (Kirby's Dream Land), Lololo & Lalala (Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Common enemiesKirby's Dream Land Main Mode: Blipper, Bronto Burt, Coner, Gordo, Kabu, Shotzo, Squishy, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Wizzer
Kirby's Dream Land Extra Game: Blatzy, Blipper, Coner, Flotzo, Gordo, Grumples, Koozer, Peezer, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo
Kirby Super Star (Ultra): Blade Knight, Blipper, Bomber Broom Hatter, Burning Leo, Chilly, Gordo, Kabu, Knuckle Joe, Sir Kibble, Squishy, Twizzy
Mid-bossesMr. Frosty
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This may look like an island paradise lined with palm trees, but don't expect to have a relaxing time here! You'll have to watch your step as you island hop here or you could end up falling in to the ocean. Kaboola will have you scrambling to dodge her constant attack of cannon balls.
— This is Definitely not a Resort Paradise • Kirby's Dream Land Instruction Booklet

Float Islands is the third stage of Kirby's Dream Land and the second stage of the Spring Breeze sub-game in Kirby Super Star/Ultra. It comes after Castle Lololo in the original game, but as Castle Lololo was removed from Spring Breeze, it comes after Green Greens in the remake instead. Float Islands is followed by Bubbly Clouds. In Revenge of the King, it is replaced by Illusion Islands.


Kirby is fishing and catches a Blipper. Kirby inhales the Blipper into his mouth but also inhales his bobber and hook, which he struggles to take out.

In Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby doesn't catch a Blipper but instead catches an ordinary generic fish.

General Information

Float Islands is made up of several parts. The first area is a chain of tropical islands in the sea with water-related enemies such as Squishy and Blipper. After going through this area, Kirby enters a cave filled with Kabus and a lot of dangerous spikes. On the other side of the cave is a large ship, and at the end of the ship Kirby can enter a room with a Warp Star. The Warp Star lands in a whale's blowhole, and the whale then launches Kirby up in the sky where Kaboola is fought.

In Kirby Super Star, the first two areas are shortened and the ship is replaced by a castle. Before Kirby can grab the Warp Star, he has to fight Mr. Frosty. This time the Warp Star takes him to another castle which is believed to be Castle Lololo due to the fact that Lololo & Lalala are fought in this area.

Copy Abilities

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Theme - Float Islands

Float Islands Background 1
Collapse Castle - Remixed theme in Kirby: Canvas Curse
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Float Islands theme in Kirby Air Ride
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Basic throbberY-aVJ62VFFI 25040px001iframe
As heard in Spring Breeze - KSS
Basic throbberIDf4H16OdmY 25040px001iframe
Theme in Ripple Field - Kirby's Dream Land 2
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Basic throbberfgg7yD8qwZU 25040px001iframe
Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land
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Float Islands is the third stage in Kirby's Dream Land and the second stage of Spring Breeze. It is an idyllic island paradise with verdant plant life and scattered stars about the surrounding sea.


Float Islands' name is derived from "float," which can either refer to scoops of ice cream floating in a glass of juice, a soft-drink, or a milkshake; or simply anything that can float, such as a raft or ship.

Related Quotes

The three main areas of the dreaded Float Islands have their own specific dangers. Watch out for falling Coconuts in the first area. They're a bit difficult to spot when Kirby is on the run. The spiked floors and ceilings in the second area will test Kirby's flying skills. A trio of frantically firing Shotzos and various winged enemies will also test Kirby's flying skills in the third area. Check the map to locate the easy 1-Up in the second area.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #39)