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Copy Ability
Kirby: Canvas Curse artwork
Name (JP) フリーズ (Furīzu)
In Games
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AppearanceA purple or blue parka. Originally, Kirby turns cyan.
Other PowersNone
Ability IconFreezeiconKCC
Regular enemiesChilly, Snoppy, Transformer.
Mid-bossesMr. Frosty (
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Slide along and KO foes!
— Freeze's Flavor Text • Kirby: Canvas Curse

General Information

Freeze is one of Kirby's copy abilities. It first appeared in the game Kirby's Adventure. It appears rather infrequently compared to his other abilities, mainly because of its simplistic form of attack.

Freeze is essentially a defensive version of the regular and much more common Ice ability. When used, Kirby surrounds himself with a frigid snowstorm which freezes approaching enemies. They can then be chucked toward other enemies as ice blocks. This is exactly the same as the Spark ability (and to a lesser degree, Needle), albeit for freezing enemies instead of electrocuting or poking them.

In games when the Freeze ability is obtainable, Kirby can inhale some snowy enemies like Chilly or Snoppy to get the ability. In some games when Freeze isn't an available ability, Kirby can use a similar attack to Freeze's blizzard attack as Ice Kirby.

In Kirby Air Ride, Kirby can create a small snowstorm around his machine, which can destroy enemies and damage other racers. It is unlike its forms in previous and later games, as its range is smaller and it doesn't last long. In the Top Ride mode, Freeze is known as Ice Sprinkler, and Kirby can use it to freeze his opponents.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Freezer Blizzard B/A/Tap with Stylus A small blizzard surrounds Kirby. This freezes any nearby enemy & mid-bosses (when defeated). Only projectiles can damage Kirby when this ability is activated. Ice

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
KA logo
Kirby can create a shield to freeze enemies! He can then knock away the frozen blocks!
KNiD logo
Stop! Come no closer! I'll chill you to the bone!
KCC logo
Slide along and KO foes!




Other Ability Icons

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