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Episode(#J100 / #E100)
Kirby fright to the finish logo
Fright to the Finish
Name (JP) 飛べ! 星のカービィ
- Meaning Fly! Kirby of the Stars
Air Date (NA)TV: December 9, 2006
DVD: June 14, 2005
Air Date (JP)September 27, 2003
Copy AbilityBomb, Fire, Star Rod
Demon BeastDestrayer, Air Riders, Nightmare

Fright to the Finish is the 100th and final episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and is part 5 of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! movie, formed by the final five episodes of the anime. It serves as the series finale.


After a Destroya ship attacks Cappy Town, Meta Knight assembles a team, which consists of most of the anime's cast, and leads them into space for the final showdown against eNeMeE, the owner of Nightmare Enterprises, and the main antagonist of the anime. Using Meta Knight's Halberd, they ascend into space in order to travel to Nightmare Enterprise's secret base. The final battle has arrived, but what challenges await our heroes?

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
Spoiler alert: The following section contains plot-specific details.(Skip Section)

A Destrayer ship comes and destroys King Dedede's castle, who in turn goes directly to the NME Salesman. The NME Salesman says that it's a way to kill Kirby, and the ruined castle is a small price for Kirby's death. Dedede furiously agrees to it. The NME Salesman gives Dedede a cell phone, telling him that it opens a two-way channel 24/7. Dedede asks why he needs it, and the salesman tells him that his ""boss" is suspicious of Meta Knight.

Meanwhile, Meta Knight has a crowd gathered in Dedede's Castle, where all the Cappies of Cappy Town are awaiting a solution for the troubles the Destrayer had done. Meta Knight shows them through a secret passage through the fountain, leading them to a staircase going down. Waddle Doo notices the group and reports to Dedede about the secret staircase.

After going down an elevator, the residents of Cappy Town see something that truly frightens them. Even Tiff is surprised. Meta Knight, who was of course expecting it, shows them his secret weapon, his weapon to destroy Nightmare. Accompanied by Sword Knight and Blade Knight, Meta Knight explains.

Meta Knight reveals his weapon, the battleship Halberd. Everyone boards, but by this time King Dedede had caught on, discovering the Halberd from Waddle Doo's instructions. Dedede and Escargoon board the Halberd as stowaways via the storage compartment.

Then, the Destrayer blasts through the ground floor of the Dedede Castle, and begins destroying the underground section. Meta Knight pilots the Halberd up, straight away, escapes the Destrayer's beams. Then, a few Cappy volunteers stay on the ship while the others await for their arrival.

As the Halberd gets into the fortress, Knuckle Joe, Sirica, and Arthur and his comrades, Dragato, Falspar, and Noisurat tag along with the Halberd's crew. Dedede then uses his phone to call Nightmare Enterprises to complain to Customer Service. Dedede then tells Customer Service that they are doing a sneak attack on NME's fortress. Customer Service then tells Dedede that they can track the Halberd down with his phone signal.

After what they did, Dedede and Escargoon get thrown in a jail cell. They contact Customer Service again, and he tells them that he is sending them "a little surprise". NME sends in Heavy Lobster to destroy the Halberd. Chef Kawasaki believed that Kirby could cook him, but Kirby failed to do so because it is made of metal. Chef Kawasaki then runs to the Halberd's kitchen to figure out something else. As he is doing that, Heavy Lobster chases Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby. Chef Kawasaki then return suggesting that Kirby give Heavy Lobster "the cold shoulder".

Chef Kawasaki then throws some ice cubes and Kirby inhales them. He becomes Ice Kirby. He then freezes Heavy Lobster solid and Sword Knight fires his cannon. Meanwhile, Heavy Lobster sets Dedede and Escargoon free. They are contacted by Customer Service and are hypnotized by Nightmare. King Dedede and Escargoon take away Tiff and Chef Kawasaki while Kit Cosmos chases after them.

Dedede and Escargoon arrive in the room where they see the NME Salesman. Escargoon makes a statement that they had never actually seen him in person. The NME Salesman turns his chair around and reveals himself to be actually quite short. Dedede goes up to the intercom to ask Chef Kawasaki to make him some food, and quick. Chef Kawasaki arrives just right after he said it. Dedede starts pretending to chow down on the food. Knowing how awful his cooking is, Dedede shoves some into the NME Salesman's mouth as revenge towards Customer Service.

Nightmare sets up a trap for Kirby by placing him onto where he creates monsters, from what seemingly looks like a checker board. As Fire Kirby, he attacks Nightmare. Nightmare is immune to Kirby's attack. After starting to get tired, Kirby falls asleep and Nightmare enters his dream along with Tiff. Nightmare laughs when he enters Kirby's dream, stating that all Kirby thinks about is food. Tiff tries to call the Warp Star, but Nightmare informs her that because they are in a dream, it does not exist. However, Tiff reveals the Warp Star in her pocket, and throws it at Kirby, who swallows it. Nightmare is surprised by the action.

Kirby transforms into Star Rod Kirby, and envelops Nightmare in a tornado of dream stars. Nightmare clutches in pain, wondering how someone like Kirby was able to discover his only weakness. The three are ejected out of the dream, and Nightmare dissipates into nothingness. Tiff congratulates Kirby for defeating Nightmare when no one else could and the two head back to the Halberd.

The two later meet up with the rest of the crew, and are informed that the Halberd was destroyed, so they're heading back to the command center to use its teleporter to get back home. When the group enters, Dedede and Escargoon and Customer Service wonder what happened. As they are informed, Customer Service panics and runs out of the room. The group loads themselves into the teleporter, as Sword and Blade set the coordinates and hop in.

Back at the castle, Curio tries to repair the teleporter, but is unable to because he is missing one part. Sir Ebrum and Lady Like show concern for the safety of their children. Waddle Doo tells Curio that he found the missing piece, and Curio quickly screws it in just seconds before the group arrives.

Happy that they no longer have to deal with Nightmare anymore, the Cappies express their happiness. Dedede and Escargoon are upset that the castle is destroyed, and that they can't call for monsters anymore. Meta Knight walks over to Dedede and hands him the phone, which delights Dedede. However, when he opens it, there is no connection, and he becomes sad again. Tiff and Tuff state that every day with Kirby will be an adventure as the episode ends.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • Customer Service's death scream is edited out.
  • Customer Service spitting out Kawasaki's food is cut out of the movie version, but not on the TV version.
  • Nightmare's final quote: "True to my name, I am but a dream that lives in your heart. Therefore, I am immortal. For as long as there is fear in your heart, I will someday return." is not heard in the dub version.


  • This is the second full body appearance of the NME Salesman; the first is in The Kirby Quiz.
  • The theme music ( in the Japanese version of this episode) from the scene where Kirby and Tiff are escaping Nighmare's fortress is the same theme that plays in Castle Lololo in Kirby's Dream Land.