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Garden Area
Name (JP) しんぴの楽園 (Shin pi no rakuen)
- Meaning しんぴ - 神秘 (Shinpi) "mysterious", 楽園 (Rakuen) "happy garden" (lit. paradise)
A place in
The Great Cave Offensive
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
3Level 4-
ThemeUnderground garden
BossesWham Bam Rock
Common enemiesBirdon, Gordo, Tookey

Garden Area is a strange area found beneath Dream Land by Kirby in The Great Cave Offensive. The level proceeds the Old Tower and is the last area in the sub-game.

Despite being underground, the sky is clearly visible in Garden. This is reflected in the enemies, as almost all of the enemies fly. Some examples of these would be Capsule J(2), Birdon, and Twizzy. The area follows a similar path to Crystal Area, as it splits into three paths.

The left path leads to a Scarfy-filled area with cannons. This proceeds into a water-filled area with a few Treasure Chests. The right path leads to a paradise-like area which leads to a large cloud with many puzzle rooms hiding treasure. The center door leads to a small area with some ropes and Chillys. This path leads to the end boss, Wham Bam Rock. This is strange, as the rest of Garden Area was sky-based, whereas Wham Bam Rock is a deity comprised of rocks.

Treasures Found





  • This level may be inspired by Grape Garden. It shares many features with it.

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