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KMA Gate Squid sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Gate Squid
Name (JP) スクーピィ (Sukuupi)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given1000
CategoryLarge enemy

Gate Squid is an enemy appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. Gate Squid is a giant squid with piercing tentacles. They are first found in Stage 1 of Sandy Canyon and later appeared in Dedede Resort's underwater levels.


Gate Squid, as its name suggests, blocks the Kirbys' path. It will then reveal three of its tentacles, two of them having a harpoon shape a one of them having a circle shape. The Kirbys need to grab the circle-shaped tentacle and tap the Kirby button on the screen, thus clearing the current. The harpoon-shaped tentacles should be avoided, however, because they will cause damage.


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