This article is about the enemy from Kirby Super Star and its remake. For the enemy of the same name which appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn, see "Gator (Yarn)".

KSS Gator 2
Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork
Full name Gator
Name (JP) ゲイター (Geitā)
In Games
KSSU logo
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given400
KSSU logo
CategoryRegular Enemy

Gators are small alligator-like enemies appearing in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. They slide around on the ground and occasionally jump and try to latch onto and chomp on Kirby, taking bits of his health off him. Gators do not give a Copy Ability. They are the only enemies capable of attacking Kirby while Kirby endures hits.

Physical Appearance

Gators, as their name implies, look like alligators. They are green with a yellow underside and mohawk (though like other enemies they can come in different colors). They have sharp teeth to bite and lack feet.





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