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HnK Gengu
Name (JP) ガング (Gangu)
- Meaning Gangu - Japanese for "toy"
RoleToy Storekeeper
First AppearanceKirby Comes to Cappy Town
Last AppearanceFright to the Finish
AffiliationCappy, Cappy Town
English VoiceMaddie Blaustein
Japanese VoiceMizuki Saitoh

Gengu runs the Toy shop in Dream Land (known as "Gengu's Toy Store"). In the episode Kirby's Pet Peeve, he mysteriously finds a box from Nightmare Enterprises holding a toy that Sir Ebrum and Lady Like bought for Kirby while checking his inventory. Gengu and Tuggle played an important role in the exposition of Snack Attack - Part I, after Tiff berates them for throwing their stock away and harming the environment.

Gengu's toy store

Inside Gengu's Toy store

Gengu is also shown to have skills as a mechanic.


Gangu is Japanese for toy.