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KMA Giant Stactus
Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Giant Stactus
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given5000

Giant Stactus is a mid-boss in Kirby Mass Attack which appears in the final area of the 3rd stage of Sandy Canyon. It looks similar a Big Stactus, but with five body segments and fingers. Unlike regular Stacti, the body segments do not have faces.


Giant Stactus attacks by emerging from the dirt and trying to stick the Kirbys, similar to Big Warwiggle.

How to Defeat

The Kirbys must join forces together and leap onto Giant Stactus' head when it retracts its spikes, while avoiding its body. It changes color and becomes more difficult to hit each time it is KO'd. The Kirbys also must avoid the spot it emerges from, which is indicated by dust.

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