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An impressive machine built by the mysterious invaders. It's chock full of advanced technology. It is unknown if this giant robot has any weak spots.
— Vs. Gigavolt • Kirby: Planet Robobot
KPR Gigavolt screenshot
Kirby: Planet Robobot screenshot
In Games
Gigavolt (a.k.a Gigavolt the Gigantic Iron Soldier) is a Mid-boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Physical Appearance

Gigavolt is a giant, green robot with two long arms and a short, cylindrical head with an orange-rimmed screw on the top. It has giant grey hands with screws of the same appearance attached to segmented arms. It has two yellow eyes and an orange mouth of three lips. It has a glowing core inside its green armor and multiple upward-facing cannons on its back.

Gigavolt II is a purple upgrade of Gigavolt. It has two layers of armor on its hands.


Kirby: Planet Robobot

At the end of Stage 3 of Patched Plains, Kirby rolls in with his armor into a flat area, where two Voltes ambush him. The two Voltes are presumably working for Gigavolt, and are easily defeated by unscrewing the screws on their heads. Once both are destroyed, Gigavolt itself appears, its head flying in and connecting to the rest of its body. It sits in the background, and as such, cannot be attacked directly. It instead makes itself vulnerable when it attempts to slam one of its fists on Kirby. Once it hits the ground, Kirby can destroy the protective covering, then unscrew the screw on its hand, dislodging it, and causing the arm to explode. Once both arms are destroyed in this way, Kirby then falls onto Gigavolt's head, and unscrews the screw there. He has to do this quickly though, as missiles fired from Gigavolt's back will close in on him. If the missiles do hit Kirby, Gigavolt launches more of them as the cycle repeats. If successful, Gigavolt explodes, and the stage exit flies out of it for Kirby to enter.

Another variety of Gigavolt, known as Gigavolt II, appears at the end of Stage 5 of Access Ark. This variety is purple, has two layers of armor on its hands, and can create shockwaves. Also, Star Dream Soul OS can summon Gigavolt IIs to fight Kirby while the Robobot Armor is in Halberd Mode.


The second edition of the Gigavolt was developed for the express purpose of eradicating all obstacles. Priced at 8,600 million Haltmanns, it's twice the cost of a first-generation Gigavolt.
— Vs Gigavolt II • Kirby Planet Robobot


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