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Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork
Name (JP) ギム (Gimu)
In Games
KSSU logo
Copy AbilityYo-Yo
Points Given300
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CategoryRegular Enemy, Helper
Helper IconGimiconKSSU

Gim is a robotic enemy. Its body is entirely mechanical, featuring a tinted lens for an eye and exhaust pipes rising from its back. It wears a blue cap with a yellow brim and has red metal feet (like other enemies though Gim can come in a variety of different colorations). It has a retractable arm with a white glove on the end. It also carries around a yo-yo, which it can utilize as a surprisingly dangerous weapon. Upon being eaten, Gim yields the Yo-yo ability. It is also the Helper for the ability.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, a card of him appears in the sub-game Kirby Card Swipe. Gim's card features his enemy coloration.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra

Gim appears as a regular enemy appearing mainly in industrialized and mechanical areas. It slowly makes its way across the ground and tries to damage Kirby with his little red yo-yo when he gets into range. When Gim is a Helper, his yo-yo doesn't go as far as when he is an enemy. He serves as both the supplier and Helper to the Yo-Yo ability in both games. As a Helper, Gim is capable of using all of the attacks in Yo-Yo Kirby's arsenal. Gim can also perform Break Spin underwater.

In Helper to Hero, Gim is playable. This version of Gim features purple feet, a red lens, and a light red hat.


Gim's name is feasibly derived from gimbal, a pivoted support comparable to a gyroscope. It is used in objects such as compasses and camera apparatuses and allows them to rotate freely along a single axis. This is paralleled in Gim's ability to preform spinning break-dance moves.

Gim's name may also be based on the word gimmick, a trick or mechanism meant to draw attention, which may explain Gim's eye-catching yo-yo tricks and spinning break-dance moves when he is a Helper and a playable character in Helper to Hero.


  • Gim's feet resemble Sonic the Hedgehog's shoes.
  • Even though Gim has one eye, when he turns around, it "switches" sides of his body. This is due to sprite mirroring, a technique used by the game designers to use up less data.
  • In Kirby Super Star, Gim has an unused enemy palette featuring a red hat with a yellow brim, a red eye, a brighter metal body, and light-purple feet. This was later used in Kirby Super Star Ultra as its Helper to Hero coloration, but with the dark-red feet instead being light-purple.




Other Helper Icons

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