Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land artwork
Name (JP) ギップ (Gippu)
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
Points Given140
CategoryRegular enemy

Gip is an enemy in the Kirby series, first appearing in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It yields no Copy Ability when inhaled. It has appeared in only two games to date.

Physical Appearance

Gip is a pig-like enemy with pink skin, a large, red snout and slanted eyes. Its most notable feature is its two white wings.


Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Gip makes its first appearance in this game, where it replaces Bounder from Kirby's Adventure. It clings to walls and other vertical surfaces. While clinging to walls, it either leaps from them or shoots a star out of its snout on them. The stars they shoot out can be chilled into a projectile by Ice or Freeze Kirby. It always tries to keep a certain distance from Kirby, following him if he runs away but retreating if Kirby approaches.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Gip makes its second appearance in this game, where it again replaces Bounder from Kirby Super Star. Its behavior remains the same from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.


  • Gip's name is "Pig" spelled backwards, referring to Gip's pig-like appearance. The enemy itself appears to be a reference to the idiom "when pigs fly", a figure of speech used to describe a highly unlikely event.
  • Since the Megaton Punch sub-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra is a direct port of the Kirby Super Star version, Gip does not replace Bounder in the crowd.
  • Gip is the only normal recurring enemy to have debuted in a remake that hasn't yet made a physical appearance in an entirely original game.
  • Jack, an enemy that made its debut in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, appears to share the same method of attack as Gip.



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