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Grand Doomer
Name (JP) グランドローパー (Gurandorōpā)
- Meaning Grand Robber
In Games
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Copy AbilitySword (from Blade Knights), Ultra Sword (from Super Blade Knights)
Evil Sphere Doomers have come to Planet Popstar from another dimension, drawn by the lost Energy Spheres… This one is huge!
— VS Grand Doomer • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Grand Doomer is a boss appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It serves as the boss of Nutty Noon and holds the Lor Starcutter's final piece, the mast. Grand Doomer is presumably the leader of the Sphere Doomers and possibly the entire Doomer species. It serves as the final boss of Planet Popstar.

When the player first enters the level, the goal game music is playing and the mast is in plain sight. If the player touches it, the usual part obtaining sequence plays, but it soon fades out as the part moves out of reach. Suddenly, a large Sphere Doomer-like creature encases the part and Kirby and the gang must fight it to gain the last piece. After fighting and depleting nearly all of its health, it turns into another form and acts much like Drawcia Soul using moves that Drawcia Soul would use to attack Kirby. Kirby finally defeats Grand Doomer after attacking with numerous hits from Kirby's Ultra Sword.


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Grand Doomer EX

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Grand Doomer

The Grand Doomer looks like an ordinary Sphere Doomer, only much larger and with a few additions. Its body is a liquid yellow-orange with flames emanating from it. Grand Doomer has twelve intricate feathers on the bottom of its spherical body, possibly to signify its status as one of, if not the, highest ranking Sphere Doomer. It has a pair of large, bird-like wings and sharp teeth. The Grand Doomer also has sunken red eyes and large spikes protruding from its back.

In the Extra Mode, Grand Doomer's appearance is the same except its entire body is now a dark red and it has white eyes instead.


Main Game

Wii - Kirbys Return to Dream Land - Boss Porraits

Grand Doomer's main attack is creating a single fireball and launching at Kirby and his crew. These can be destroyed with a simple attack. Grand Doomer may drop down between one to four large fireballs that will explode after a few seconds. The radius of the explosion is small though, so it can be easily avoided. Grand Doomer may disappear and create four black holes in the background. Over time, three of the black holes will disappear and Grand Doomer will fly into the gang from the remaining black hole. Grand Doomer may swoop down and into Kirby from above. Occasionally, it will hide in the shadows, which is shown by a bubbling black puddle with a rainbow aura that moves from side to side. If Kirby or the others touch the puddle, they will be eaten by a large, shadowy monster and take moderate damage, similar to Pacto's attack. If no one is eaten by the boss, it will shoot up from the shadows.

After half its health is depleted, like all Sphere Doomers, Grand Doomer will emanate a rainbow aura. Grand Doomer now shoots two fireballs at Kirby and his friends. Its swooping attack is a lot faster and it shoots out of the black hole a lot faster, too. It can also create four, oblong homing fireballs that attack a random team member. Like the others, these can be destroyed without any trouble. Grand Doomer will move to one side of the arena and shoot fireballs while spinning in a complete circle. It may even go into the background and shoot a rapid row of fireballs that move left or right. It will perform its shadow attack more regularly as well.

When its health bar has is depleted to near zero, Grand Doomer will encase itself in stone and gain four health meters. The only way to damage him in this form is with the Ultra Sword, which can be obtained from a Super Blade Knight that the boss randomly spawns alongside other enemies. The boss's other attack in this form is bouncing around in the background and trying to crush Kirby from above. Kirby must dodge this attack and fight back by using the Ultra Sword attack. All it takes to destroy the shield is four hits from the Ultra Sword. Upon the fourth strike, the boss's stone encasing will be shattered. But Grand Doomer will prepare one final attack. If Kirby doesn't attack the boss with the Ultra Sword again, Grand Doomer will regain one unit of its stone encasing. After dealing the final blows to the Grand Doomer, it will slowly deteriorate and finally give up the mast.

Extra Mode

Grand Doomer EX will usually start off with a swooping attack. It can shoot three fireballs, either sending them in a diagonal direction or a horizontal direction. The bubbling shadow attack is much bigger and it will cause more damage should somebody step on it. Grand Doomer EX retains its ability to create the four black holes in the background, but instead of them disappearing like before, the four holes rotate in a circular fashion and Grand Doomer EX will fly from them in a random order and try to hit into Kirby and his crew. Grand Doomer EX sometimes spins around the room, dropping a large energy ball similar to the other Sphere Doomers. After a few seconds, the fireball will explode and create two massive electric balls that move in opposite directions, similarly to the Spark Sphere Doomer EX's charged attack. It can even spit out seven homing fireballs.

Upon being smacked down to a little bit less than half its health, Grand Doomer EX will shroud itself in a rainbow aura like before. Every now and then, Grand Doomer EX roars, which indicates one of two attacks. One of these attacks is shrouding itself in flames and quickly dashing across the screen, similar to the Fire Sphere Doomer's attack. Its other attack includes spinning around and spitting fireballs at the same time, completing two revolutions. Grand Doomer EX flies into the background, like before, but this time shoots two extremely rapid rows of fireballs. Its swoops are now much quicker and it can swoop down more than once in a row. Rarely, Grand Doomer EX will release massive ice storms, similar to that of the Ice Sphere Doomer.

Like its Main Game counterpart, when its health is depleted to near zero, Grand Doomer EX will encase itself in stone. The stone shield can be broken the same way used to defeat Grand Doomer. However, Grand Doomer EX bounces faster and moves a lot quicker than its easier counterpart, making it harder to hit him with the Ultra Sword. It can also engulf itself with flames and dash quickly across the screen. When Kirby destroys all of its shields, the pink puffball can land the final blows, obliterating the monster once again.

Related Quotes

The lost Energy Spheres have created dimensional rifts. The Grand Doomer has emerged from one such rift!
— VS Grand Doomer EX • Kirby's Return to Dream Land



  • With its rigid crest and long tail feathers, the Grand Doomer has some resemblance to a Quetzal.
  • The bouncing attack that the Grand Doomer uses while encased in stone is similar to the attack that Drawcia Soul uses.
  • Grand Doomer uses a dash attack similar to Drawcia Soul's dash attack.
    • Its sphere shape and large "mouth" even makes him look similar to Drawcia Soul.
  • Grand Doomer EX's stone form looks exactly the same as the regular Grand Doomer's stone form. Meaning, when Kirby damages it, the body beneath the stone appears orange with red eyes, instead of red with white eyes.
  • Its battle theme seems to be based on the menu theme from Kirby Air Ride and Yin-Yarn's battle theme (and possibly his normal theme), which is more subtle. It is reused during the battle against HR-D3's first form.
  • In The Arena, the globe that the Grand Doomer eats is completely empty, which is likely because the player cannot collect the Starcutter parts.
  • A number of the Grand Doomer's attacks and movements resemble those of Marx and Marx Soul in Kirby Super Star Ultra; such as its rapid teleportation, the attack where it hides in the floor, and the splitting fireball used by the EX version.
  • Grand Doomer's Italian name is "Fenix di Fuoco," which means "Fire Doomer", but none of its attacks give the Fire ability.
  • A few of Grand Doomer's attacks are similar to those of Dyna Blade.