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Hammer Kirby
Kirby's Return to Dream Land artwork
Grand Hammer
Name (JP) ギガトンハンマー (Gigatonhanmā)
- Meaning for "Gigaton Hammer"
In Games
KRtDL Logo
AppearanceA red and blue rope headband with a large knot and star.
Other PowersDestroys certain terrain, pounds large stakes
Ability IconKRtDL Grand Hammer icon
Regular enemiesNone
Mid-bossesSuper Bonkers
BossesMagolor EX (Glowing Hammer)
Smash the ground with the Grand Hammer! Shake the Wii Remote to power it up, and pound even huge stakes flat!
— Grand Hammer's Flavor Text • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Grand Hammer is a Super Ability that appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. This ability is an upgraded version of Hammer, and is acquired by inhaling a Super Bonkers after it has been defeated or by inhaling a giant white hammer (only during the battle against Magolor EX).

Although Grand Hammer's attacks are heavy and unwieldy, like Ultra Sword and Monster Flame, every other character besides Grand Hammer Kirby pauses during the attack, so it is impossible to miss anything beneath Kirby, which is a good thing as the ability only pounds objects into the ground if he is directly over it, regardless of how large the size of the hammer's head may be. The first size pounds in a third of a large stake, the second size pounds in two thirds, and the third will pound in an entire large stake.


Move Controls Description Element
Grand Hammer 1 Button Kirby enlarges his hammer and performs a powerful overhead swing, smashing it on the ground beneath him, generating a shock wave. Moves objects down one unit. None
Hammer Plus Shake Wii Remote after Grand Hammer Kirby enlarges his hammer into a festive, multi-colored form and slams it on the ground, creating larger shock waves and pounding objects down two units. None
Super Hammer Plus Shake Wii Remote after Hammer Plus Kirby enlarges his hammer into a golden, star-studded monstrosity before smashing it on the ground, generating a massive shock wave and pounding objects down by three units. None


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