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KMA Grand Twisty sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Big Twisty
Name (JP) スタッピィ (Sutappi)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryLarge enemy

Big Twisty is an enemy appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. She is a larger, more dangerous version of Twisty.

Physical Appearance

Big Twisty looks just like her smaller counterparts, but the only difference is that she is bigger and she has spikes underneath her body.


Big Twisty's main attack is using her spin attack. This knocks the Kirbys off of her. She will flip over after each spin, either right-side up or upside-down. The only way to defeat her is to wait for her to flip upside-down and flick the Kirbys into her head, because her spikes will hurt the Kirbys, should one come in contact with the spikes.


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