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KMA Great Gear
Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Great Gear
Name (JP) グルギアント (Gurugianto)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy abilityNone
Points Given3000
Have you rolled that enormous gear yet?
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Great Gear is a mid-boss in Kirby Mass Attack in the Sandy Canyon area. He is seen early in Stage 6, but appears to be an ordinary gear. Kirby uses him to break apart obstacles, before clipping him onto a receptacle which activates him and starts the mid-boss fight.

Great Gear's only vulnerable part is the uncovered area above his forehead. Throughout the fight, he drops red and green spike bombs on Kirby. There are numerous weights hanging from both of his sides. If Kirby manages to break the balance of these weights and turn him about, he can attack his forehead and make him explode. It takes three explosions to defeat him.

Great Gear is fought once again in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley. This time, after being hit once, the Great Gear will spit sand out of his mouth and turn the entire floor into quicksand. He will also drop two Mummbons and the weights will drop down faster. His appearance remains unchanged.


Great Gear's overall design is decidedly Aztec, and most of him is teal-gray rock and metal. He has a pair of golden gears for nostrils. There are sixteen smaller gears around him.


  • Throughout many of the stages that take place in temples before and after the battle with Great Gear, small images of him can be found in the background elements.
  • The writing on Great Gear is Japanese.
  • Great Gear is the only mid-boss that doesn't get a palette change when returned from the dead in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley.



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