Kirby Super Star Ultra screenshot
Green Greens
Name (JP) グリーングリーンズ (Gurīngurīnzu)
- Meaning from "Green Greens"
A place in
Kirby's Dream Land
-Stage 12
Spring Breeze
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
-Stage 12
Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
ThemeGrasslands and forests
BossesWhispy Woods
Common enemiesKirby's Dream Land Main Mode: Bronto Burt, Cappy, Grizzo, Poppy Bros. Jr., Twizzy, Waddle Dee
Kirby's Dream Land Extra Game: Blopper, Grizzo, Koozer, Poppy Bros. Jr., Tookey, Waddle Dee
Kirby Super Star (Ultra): Bronto Burt, Cappy, Grizzo, Poppy Bros. Jr., Sir Kibble, Twizzy, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo
Mid-bossesPoppy Bros. Sr.
A great place to start your journey, this natural setting is full of rolling hills, fleecy clouds, and bushy trees. But don't let the scenery distract you because while the animals may look cute and friendly, they can be very troublesome and dangerous.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby's Dream Land

Green Greens is the first level of Kirby's Dream Land and its Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra remake, Spring Breeze.

It consists of a lakeside grassland which leads into a small forest. Whispy Woods is the boss of this stage. Green Greens precedes Castle Lololo in the original, and Float Islands in the remake. Green Greens' Revenge of the King counterpart is Purple Plants.


Kirby chases a butterfly. As he chases it off screen, a strong wind picks up and blows him and a bunch of other butterflies away.

General Information

Green Greens consists of three parts: the first part is a grassland, situated near a lake with few obstacles. This area has weak enemies such as Waddle Dee and Cappies. At the end of the grassland Kirby grabs a Warp Star and flies across the lake to the forest in the background. As soon as Kirby lands the Warp Star he's ambushed by a Poppy Bros. Sr. Poppy Bros. Jr. are common enemies in this area, suggesting that much of the forest is controlled by the Poppy Bros. At the end of the forest is a giant hollowed-out tree. Kirby enters the tree from the end of the forest and has to climb to the top, avoiding many angry Grizzos, and from there jump down to do battle with Whispy Woods.

Copy Abilities


In the Super Smash Bros. series


The Green Greens stage.

Though the stage doesn't appear directly in the original Super Smash Bros., the stage Dream Land from that game appears to be based off most of the grassland/forest levels from the Kirby games, including Green Greens.

Green Greens appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee as one of the playable stages that characters can battle on. It is available from the start and doesn't need to be unlocked. It is considered to be one of Kirby's home stages (alongside the Fountain of Dreams) and Kirby is fought on this stage in the one-player modes.

Stage Structure

The stage is made up of three floating islands. The island in the middle is the biggest, and there are two floating platforms above it. Whispy Woods, who is on the middle island, will occasionally blow wind in a certain direction to disrupt the fight. Between the islands are Star Blocks and Bomb Blocks that stack up. Players can break the blocks by attacking them. If a player hits a Bomb Block, then there will be an explosion. The blocks will rebuild often after they are destroyed.

Also, Whispy Woods will shake and let out apples from the tree. The apples can be:

  • Picked up and thrown at enemies
  • Used to heal
  • Explode when thrown

Green Greens is a Melee Stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, unlocked after playing as Kirby in twenty Brawls.


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Theme - Green Greens
Theme in Kirby Mass Attack cutscene
KMA Logo2
Basic throbberTh0I2yV40E8 25040px001iframe
Orchestration, as scored in SSBM - (KatAMSP)
KAtM logo
Basic throbberCn0G0oKIbVs 25040px001iframe
Kirby's Epic Yarn version (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
Basic throbberPp5QRUI-UqA 25040px001iframe
Theme - Whispy's Forest stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn
Epic Yarn Logo
Basic throbberAx4-PW79vic 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby Super Star Ultra
KSSU logo
Basic throbber8qyfJmJK0CM 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby: Squeak Squad
KSQSQ logo
Basic throbberh651TQx4B18 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby Air Ride
KAR logo
Basic throbber1NxeYXeqcV4 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
KNiD logo
Basic throbberRhfWaULWoos 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby Super Star
Basic throbberkLPgm5QpWJI 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby's Pinball Land
KPL logo
Basic throbberqp9cNgmNb9U 25040px001iframe
Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
Basic throbberUuyRaWUtmP0 25040px001iframe
Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land
KDL logo
Basic throbberOm_gfgu2OUw 25040px001iframe
Green Greens is the first stage of the entire Kirby series, being the first stage of the first game, Kirby's Dream Land. It is also the first stage in the Spring Breeze remake of Kirby's Dream Land in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. Green Greens is an area of grassland around Whispy Woods Forest, where the iconic character Whispy Woods features as the first boss in the game. The music's motif itself is frequently recurring throughout many games, and is not limited to playing in the location of Green Greens, with various remixes including Crystal Field (KSSU). The theme came up again in Kirby Mass Attack, with a marching band version.

The stage in Super Smash Bros. uses an orchestral version of the original music from Green Greens in Kirby's Dream Land. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the music from the Fountain of Dreams stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee can be found as an alternate track.


Green Greens' name is derived from "Greens," which can either refer to a mix of green vegetables, or simply grassy land, which may or may not support a town or village of sorts.

Related Quotes

The wooded lands of Green Greens look very peaceful and the characters look friendly. Don't let their looks deceive you...they're not! This is a fairly straightforward level that provides a player with a good opportunity to experiment with gulping, shooting, jumping, floating and flying. Kirby will grab a Warp Star halfway through the Stage. It will take him to meet Poppy Bros. Sr. Go through the door marked by the word "In" to find a couple of Pep Brews.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #39)


  • Green Greens' music is one of the most iconic themes of the Kirby series, with it being remixed many times.



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