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Name (JP) グリル (Guriru)
In Games
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Kid, we are good enough to FRY you!
— Gryll • Kirby's Super Star Stacker

Gryll is the final boss of Kirby's Super Star Stacker and one of only a handful of final bosses that does not appear to be inherently evil.


Grill credits

Gryll and co. set their sights on Planet Popstar in the credits.

During the course of the game, Gryll somehow finds its way to Planet Popstar with its three comrades, Salt, Pepper, and Sugar, and decides to challenge the planet's most skilled Star Stacker--who turns out to be Kirby.

Gryll shows up to give Kirby one last challenge after he beats King Dedede. In order to face Gryll, Kirby must have also beaten all other competitors without having to use a continue at any point. In their conversation prior to the battle, Gryll shows great confidence in its abilities; this confidence proves to be well-founded, as in spite of its playful nature, it proves to be a difficult opponent for Kirby, engaging him in a fierce duel. When it is finally beaten at its own game, Gryll (with a now-broken broom) and its three onion henchmen are seen beaten-down and weary-eyed among a tumbled-down collection of blocks.

Physical Appearance

Hehehee! Are you truly so strong?
— Gryll • Kirby's Super Star Stacker

Gryll and its friends

Gryll is a strange onion-like witch with a cheerful, upbeat personality. It has a small tuft of bright green hair and eyes of the same color. It wears bright red shoes with visible socks. It has a very large yellow and purple witch's hat with a miniature Star Block on the end. Its minions are also portrayed as onions.

Gryll is also shown to carry a broom with it at all times. The witch can use it to fly and is also shown to use it as a weapon; Gryll can comically bonk Kirby on the head with it after preforming a particularly high combo.


  • Gryll may have been an inspiration behind Drawcia's design, as the two final bosses have similarly-colored clothing and attributes (both possess the abilities of stereotypical sorceresses).




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