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KMA Warrior
Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Name (JP) ブルハンマー (Buruhanmā)
- Meaning Bull Hammer
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given1000

Hamsturr is a mid-boss in Kirby Mass Attack, in Stage 10 of Dedede Resort.

Physical Appearance

Hamsturr has a mouse/dog-like appearance, with some mechanical qualities. He wields a rounded flail and carries a star-patterned shield. His hands are detached from his body and he has no arms; similar to Iron Mam or Jukid. He has a small, round, red nose, and his face is always in a scowl.


Hamsturr's only attack is to swing his flail at the Kirbys, which is preceded by him flashing yellow.

How to Defeat

To defeat Hamsturr, the Kirbys will first need to destroy his shield by flinging themselves at it until it breaks. If the Kirbys attempt to pummel it, they will get shaken off. Once the shield is gone, all they need to do is pummel him like a normal enemy. However, they should be careful when he starts to flash yellow, as it means he will soon swing his weapon.




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