Heavy Anaconda is the second-to-last monster sent by Nightmare Enterprises, it appears in one of the last episodes of Kirby Right Back at YaFrog Wild, and is one of the few known predators of the elusive Demon Frog.


For once actually doing the best for Dream LandKing Dedede orders the monster to make sure that the possessed Kirby doesn't cause more damage to Cappy Town. At the last moment, King Dedede allows himself to be possessed by the Demon Frog, and was beating up Kirby to a pulp; he was about to make the final strike on Kirby, but then Heavy Anaconda appears and eats both Dedede and the Demon Frog. Knowing that Heavy Anaconda is extremely ferocious and shouldn't be wandering around, Meta Knight throws a torch to Kirby in an attempt to help him defeat the huge snake. Kirby eats the torch and gains the Fire ability and burns Heavy Anaconda to a crisp, destroying it and saving Dedede in the process.

Physical Appearance

Unlike the monster with a similar name, Heavy Anaconda isn't a robot. Instead, Heavy Anaconda is a huge brown snake with a tan underside and a spotted maroon pattern running across its back. It has glaring yellow eyes and pale yellow markings running along its long tail.

Powers and Abilities

Being the second to last monster, Heavy Anaconda (while not as powerful as WolfWrath, Masher and its 2.0 form, and the final monster of the series, Heavy Lobster) is a very strong monster. The snake is able to swallow virtually anything whole with its large jaws as shown as it was able to swallow King Dedede, and its fangs are extremely venomous. it is also able to move incredible fast and can stretch at great lengths.


  • In Japan, Heavy Anaconda is actually a pun. The Japanese word for heavy, "ヘビー/hebii", is similar to the pronunciation of the Kanji "蛇/hebi", which means snake and/or serpent.
  • Heavy Anaconda is the only monster Fire Kirby doesn't spit fire at (instead, Kirby uses attacks seen in Kirby Super Star).