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KSqSq Heavy Knight artwork
Kirby: Squeak Squad artwork
Heavy Knight
Name (JP) ヘビーナイト (Hebīnaito)
In Games
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Copy AbilitySword
CategoryLarge Enemy

Heavy Knight is a large enemy that appears in several Kirby games. It is a large, heavily armored knight with red metal plating and a spike on its head or helmet. It has a big sword to slice enemies. Its sword is slower than Sword Knight's, but it is also bigger and stronger. Heavy Knight gives Kirby the Sword ability when inhaled with a Super Inhale.

When Kirby is possessing Heavy Knight as Ghost Kirby, he can use the sword and lunge it forward if the player double-taps the side button on the +Control Pad. Also, because of its heavy armor and slow speed, it is hard to move around.


  • Heavy Knight's official artwork depicts it with gold spikes on each shoulder pauldron. Its in-game sprite, however, has only two crimson spikes per pauldron.
  • HR-D3 and Metal General's heads resemble that of Heavy Knight.




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