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Knuckle Joe and Kirby fighting side by side.

Helpers are characters that appear in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. Appearing as regular enemies (and occasionally mid-bosses), they have altered color palettes and are summoned by Kirby to help him instead of hurt him. They are normally controlled by CPUs, but can also be controlled by another player. Each copy ability has a specific one, excluding the limited-use abilities Crash, Mike, Paint, Cook, and Sleep. If the player wants to change the Helper, he or she can throw the hat of the ability to it. Using the Normal Beam will call it back, transforming it back into the ability that Kirby once had.

Helpers are similar to Kirby in how they are capable of flying, despite the fact that they slowly float down over time (except for Capsule J/2, Plasma Wisp, and Birdon, who can fly without Kirby's help). Another quality that they have in common with Kirby is that they have limited health. If a Helper's health runs out, it will burst into flames and eventually explode.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, they have a significant role in Helper to Hero, a sub-game where both the first and second players can play as the Helpers in the game.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra


Kirby sacrifices his Beam ability to generate Waddle Doo as his Helper.

Helper loss 2

Kirby gets rid of his Waddle Doo helper.


Kirby throwing his ability hat (specifically, a Cutter hat) at Waddle Doo. When Waddle Doo touches it, he becomes Sir Kibble.

In Kirby Super Star and its remake, Helpers are the same from both games, except for Capsule J, who was replaced by Capsule J2 in the remake, and Sword Knight and Blade Knight can be used as helpers in Meta Knightmare Ultra. Also, in the sub-game Helper to Hero, all the helpers are playable, including Sword Knight. The only change is the color scheme, for example, a helper Waddle Doo is normally red, while the one in this particular sub-game is green (the one that's played by Player 1; Player 2 plays as a red Waddle Doo, if it is on two-player mode). 

Enemy / Helper Copy ability
Bio Spark Ninja
Birdon Wing
Blade Knight Sword
Bonkers Hammer
Bugzzy Suplex
Burning Leo Fire
Capsule J/2 Jet
Chilly Ice
Gim Yo-Yo
Knuckle Joe Fighter
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol
Plasma Wisp Plasma
Poppy Bros. Jr. Bomb
Rocky Stone
Simirror Mirror
Sir Kibble Cutter
Starship (helper) Starship
Sword Knight Also Sword, but with Meta Knight's Upward Thrust (Helper to Hero Exclusive)
Tac Copy
Waddle Doo Beam



Kirby GCN

Tac This section is about an unreleased or cancelled game
Not much was known about Kirby GCN except for the fact it was going to use the Helper system again. There were also new Helpers which have not been named due to the game's cancellation.
KGCN Helpers

Heat Phanphan, Bonkers, and Golem, all helpers in Kirby GCN

Enemy Copy Ability
Blade Knight Sword
Broom Hatter Clean
Bonkers Hammer
Chilly Ice
Flappy Wing
Golem Stone
Heat Phanphan Fire
Knuckle Joe Fighter
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol
Sir Kibble Cutter
Waddle Doo Beam
Wheelie Bike Wheel
Plasma Wisp Plasma
New Bomb enemy Bomb
New Tornado enemy Tornado
New Water/Bubble enemy Water/Bubble
New Jet enemy Jet


  • In Kirby Super Star and its remake, if a helper loses all health and catches fire, he/she has a chance to become the helper form of any enemy he/she touches. This will fully restore the helper's HP.


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