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KDL3 Hibanamodoki sprite 2Hibana
Kirby's Dream Land 3 sprites
Name (JA) ヒバナモドキ(Hibanamodoki)
In games
KDL3 logo

Hibanamodoki is a character appearing in the game Kirby's Dream Land 3. They appear in the first level of Cloudy Park. The Hibanamodokis want Kirby and Rick (or Coo) to use the Clean ability to clean them. If Kirby and Rick (or Coo) clean all of the flowers, Kirby will earn a Heart Star at the end of the level.

Physical Appearance

Hibanamodoki is a pink flower with a yellow center. However, when dirty (i.e. not cleaned) it is a grayish-black color. It has a green stem and leaves. This flower bares a resemblance to the Fire Flower item that appears in the Mario series.




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