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Kirby Super Star screenshot
Name (JP) 灼熱の星 ホットビート
(Shakunetsu no Hoshi Hottobīto)
- Meaning "Scorching Star Hotbeat"
A place in
Milky Way Wishes
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
3Level 45
ThemeHot cave
BossesChameleo Arm
Common enemiesBurning Leo, Gordo, Jungle Bomb, Noddy, Scarfy, Sir Kibble, Waddle Doo

The Flame Planet Hotbeat is the scorching star in Milky Way Wishes, resembling a sun. Hotbeat is considered the fourth planet, following Skyhigh and preceding Cavius. It contains more magma and lava than anywhere else in Kirby Super Star, with most of the planet's surface being lava. It is divided into three main areas, the first being a small tunnel in which Kirby must worm through without being burned, a more open area that can be easily passed with the mine carts provided, and a cramped space taken up mostly by cannons.

Copy Essence Deluxes

  • Fire: In the first room, destroy the Bomb Block to release the lava. After flying above, notice a door where the lava was originally. Use the nearby Invincibility Candy and backtrack to the lava flow. Fly through the lava and enter the door. Fly through the room of Burning Leos and enter the door at the end.
  • Suplex: In the room with the Mine carts, destroy the blocks on the ceiling. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, Wing can use Hover Flap to destroy the blocks (this is absent in Kirby Super Star). Inhaling a couple of Noddys near the beginning of the stage grants Beam via mix, which can also be used to destroy the blocks. Enter the door. Defeat Bugzzy and the Copy Essence Deluxe will appear.

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