Adeleine, the painter, is a human.

Humans are a race of beings that exist in Planet Popstar's galaxy. They aren't anywhere nearly as plentiful as other races such as the Fairies, the People of the Sky, or the Kirbys. As of now, only two humans (besides guest characters) are known to exist, both of which presumably still live peacefully in Popstar.

It is open-ended if the two original humans in the series are actually the same person, making it very possible that there is in fact just one known human across all of Popstar's universe.

Notable Humans


Kirby's Dream Land 3

This was the first game in the series that featured an original human character. Ado, a young artist, is fought at the end of Cloudy Park. She is targeted (and later possessed) by Dark Matter. As such, Kirby is forced to fight her. She is given no real backstory but is shown bonding with Kirby and the Animal Friends at the end of the game.

Several other human characters (including Samus Aran) from other Nintendo games make cameo appearances in the game as well, but are not regular inhabitants of Dream Land.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby meets Adeleine, a young art student studying in the forests of Popstar. She, like Ado, is possessed by a Dark Matter after she finds a Crystal Shard sitting by her canvas. She joins up with Kirby and Ribbon after she is freed from Dark Matter's ghastly presence.

Kirby is also able to travel to a frozen planet named Shiver Star in this game. Fans note its striking similarity to our Earth, as the seven continents and orbiting moon are visible. Additionally, the game's Japanese website mentions that Shiver Star's inhabitants had to leave the planet, leaving factories and empty buildings behind. It is possible that Shiver Star used to be Earth-like before its climate change.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Upon suggesting the anime, Kirby's creator, Masahiro Sakurai, established that Kirby: Right Back at Ya! would not involve human characters. Even so, a few managed to slip into the episode Dedede's Monsterpiece as sculptures and paintings (all of which are parodies of classic artwork). The NME Salesman rents them to King Dedede, saying that they're from another planet--it is implied that this planet is Earth. Tiff refers to the humans in the art as aliens. The NME Salesman also is a humanoid creature, though his body ends at the waist and he has Kirby-like feet.


Adeleine and Kirby

Adeleine running ahead of Kirby

  • Despite Kirby's official height being eight inches, Ado and Adeleine are shown to be only slightly taller than Kirby.
    • In addition to this, Samus Aran is only shown to be about twice Kirby's height, despite being a tall woman in her own games.

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