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Episode(#J92 / #E92)
Hunger Struck
Name (JP) ワドルディの食文化大革命
- Meaning Waddle Dee's Great Food Cultural Revolution
Air Date (NA)July 30, 2005
Air Date (JP)July 26, 2003
Copy AbilityCook
Demon BeastFryclops

Hunger Struck is the 92nd episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


Dedede learns that the Waddle Dees' meals are expensive so he holds a contest too see who can create a cheap meal; Kawasaki wins and starts to sell 'thin-winches'. However, the Waddle Dees don't approve and things get ugly!

Full episode summary

KSSU Kirby run
Spoiler alert: The following section contains plot-specific details.(Skip Section)

The Waddle Dees and Kirby are going to the dining room for their dinner as Escargoon watches. The food is given out Waddle Doo claims dinner is served. Kirby and the Waddle Dees start to munch away until Escargoon walks in and catches Kirby pink-handed. Kirby continues eating until Escargoon picks Kirby up and tells the "freeloader" to hit the road because it's Waddle Dee's dinner. This is where the snail peeks at the servings and is shocked about the menu. He runs out to tell the king as Kirby watches in confusion. King Dedede is just helping himself to a cup of noodles when Escargoon barges in. He says he left them in the Dining Hall when Dedede says to not bring them into the throne room because it might spoil his appetite. Escargoon explains that while the king slurps that slop the Waddle Dees are having a feast and repeats the meals that there are 4 courses and that it's fit for a king. Dedede doesn't approve of this and asks why he isn't having it if it's fit for a king.

After the intro, Dedede hasn't calmed down and is now strolling down to the Waddle Dees to see it for himself. Escargoon thinks it's a bad idea and tries to make sure he doesn't go in. After much struggle, King Dedede realizes something: how can the Waddle Dees eat without a mouth? They inspect one watching over the balcony and find no mouth. This strikes Escargoon weird, since every living being needs to survive with food. They decided to test this one with a cookie. As Escargoon holds it out, the cookie slides through the Waddle Dee, much to the king and Escargoon's surprise. Escargoon is shocked that it absorbed the cookie, and Dedede asks how it did it. The king asks how much each meal costs, and Escargoon adds up the total to find that it costs $98,800,000 per meal! Dedede thinks he miscounted, but it's the real deal. So Dedede sets up a competition to see who can make a cheap meal. Tuggle, Buttercup and her friends, and Chef Kawasaki sign up for the competition. Kawasaki eventually wins the title when he says he can make a meal for either one D-bill or nothing; a thin-wich. Everyone storms out and Kawasaki asks if he went TOO low. Tiff says he sure did, and Tuff says that he's now stuck with it. Tuggle sarcastically wishes Kawasaki good luck, and Buttercup tells the egg-shaped chef that she hopes he goes bankrupt.

Kawasaki then decides to become a lean, mean, slicing machine. The next morning, the first set of thin-wiches are being handed out, and the Waddle Dees glumly take their seats. Waddle Doo asks if that's their dinner, and Kawasaki says to not ask for seconds, but they can have as much water they want. No seconds doesn't sit good with Kirby, because HE's grumbling, too. The king has really been spoiled recently; he gets a perfect meal. He and Escargoon decide the Waddle Dees get one meal a day like his majesty, and chuckle that the difference is that Dedede's meal lasts all day. Waddle Doo complains to the king, but to no avail. The next day, the second set of thin-wiches are being sold. Waddle Doo asks if Kawasaki can make the thin-wiches into "thick-wiches", but Kawasaki denies the offer. The Waddle Dees get angry at this denial and attack him.

In the courtyard, Kirby, Tiff and Tuff are having cookies, but Kirby drops his. Tiff offers her cookie to him, but the Waddle Dees surround them. A chase scene emerges and now the trio is running for their lives. Tiff thinks they're on a rampage because their hungry, and that seems the case. They hide behind a statue and the Waddle Dees go by. They then lock themselves in a room with Meta Knight and his gang. Tiff says that there's no food in where they are, so they should be safe. Meta Knight is shocked that the uprise is over food. Now the king and his snail-servant are also being chased. Waddle Doo orders better meals, or a trip to the dungeons. The NME Salesman appears on the screen and Dedede tells him he has an uprising, so he suggests Fryclops. Dedede takes the offer and Fryclops feeds the Waddle Dees and makes them happy. He leaves the room and goes to the courtyard and feeds the Waddle Dees there. Waddle Doo thanks Fryclops for making the Waddle Dees happy and will do whatever he says, so he orders them to attack Kirby. The Waddle Dees charge the room they are in, so Meta Knight and his gang defend them and Tuggle and Buttercup use a secret doorway to escape.

Using the secret exit from the room, Tiff, her brother and Kirby find their parents and Kawasaki at court for starving the Waddle Dees. Tiff says Dedede and Escargoon were responsible for the uprising, but the Waddle Dees fail to listen and Fryclops orders them to attack. Kirby inhales 2 of them, but doesn't obtain a copy ability, and spits them out. Tuff says that if you feed a Waddle Dee, it'll listen to your commands, so Kirby inhales Kawasaki's frying pan and turns into Cook Kirby and makes a large steak, which the Waddle Dees eat. In response, Fryclops makes an even larger turkey, which the Waddle Dees also begin to eat. Waddle Doo then notices that some of the Waddle Dees are getting fat from the food, so a healthier meal is needed to keep them in shape. Kirby makes a platter similar to what the Waddle Dees were eating at the beginning of the episode, which the Waddle Dees enjoy. Fryclops then decides to finish Kirby himself, but Kirby manages to defeat him. King Dedede and Escargoon clap after he is defeated, saying that Kirby's food is healthy and cheap too. Tiff tells the two not to starve the Waddle Dees again.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • The scene where Escargoon shows another meal right after they show the deluxe sushi platter was removed from the English dub for unknown reasons.
  • The dishes are both Americanized as well as made way fancier than what was described, the meal set in Japan was in order: Sauteed Vegetables, Ometet Swiss Rolls, Shirae (Tofu Salad), sushi platter and vegetable Tempura.
  • The Osenbe (flavored cracker) tested on the Waddle Dee was changed to a cookie.


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