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Kirby's Dream Land artwork
Name (JP) ハーリー(Hârî)
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
CategoryRegular Enemy

Hurly is an obscure ball-like creature from Kirby's Dream Land that replaces Chuckie in the Extra Mode.

Like Chuckie, Hurly bounces around after coming out of its box. However, it will not return to the box it came from and will continuously bounce mindlessly around the screen instead. Hurly is also a bit faster.

Physical Appearance

Hurly is a silly jack-in-the-box with a mind of its own. His head consists of a small black ball with a goofy face and a somewhat long tongue. It comes out of a green and orange striped box with a yellow question mark on it.


Both Chuckie and Hurly seem to have their names derived from words relating to the gag reflex. Hurly's name could be derived from hurl, a slang word for vomiting. This relates to Hurly's dizzying and erratic behavior in the game, as well as his sickly face.


  • In the Extra Mode credits of Kirby's Dream Land, Hurly's name is erroneously switched with Chuckie's. This was corrected in all subsequent appearances.


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